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Case Analyst, Case Consultant and Sales Representative Job Openings Available

Date : 12/03/2007

We have opened five employment slots for:

Case Analyst
Case Consultant.

These highly sought after job openings are available in our Scottsdale, Arizona corporate headquarters.

You will be subject to a rigorous screening and interview process.


Case Analyst Job Description:  Apply for this job

All cases need a clear plan of action and need fund to make successful. Can you handle the needs of clints and be able to competently obtain the funding for each case. The ICS case analyst is a mission critical position. Past law enforcement recommended, but not required. This position sets the investigative requirements for many investigation cases.

New Case Development:

-Take Incoming Inquiries for Investigations Services for All Client Types
-Develops a Working Project For Each Case
-Collect or Obtain Funds for each Case

Post Case Activities:

-Client Advocate your Project
-Seek Additional Funds for Case Needs

You work with ICS staff and contracted experts. This a exciting investigations position. Especially for those that field work is no longer an option. Please apply for more details.

Full Time On-call position
Core Hours - flex-time
Intense Client Contact

Must have:


This position may have investigator license requirements in some states.


Sales Representative  Job Description:  Apply for this job

This position is full time.

You will be responsible for generating new business for each region assigned.

You must be proficients in:

-Cold calling
-Securing appointments
-Making presentations
-BID responses writing
-Direct mailing
-Research for lead
-Minor statistics

Types of Clients:

-Professional Corporations
-Government Agencies
-Specifically Insurance Companies


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