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ICS of California Formed in ICS Licensee Program

Date : 07/13/2010

California Private Investigators

International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS), a leader in the investigation services business, both nationally and internationally, announces the formation of ICS of California. Adding ICS of California will help ICS provide faster, more efficient and more affordable services.

The ICS licensee program is designed to give ICS the power to offer improved services to clients through timely and accurate private investigations provided by experienced professionals. ICS is proud to welcome Mark Woodward and Nestor Gomez, managing partners of ICS of California, to the team of national and global investigators that are already a part of the ICS private investigator network. Clients will benefit from the licensee program because it effectively brings together national experience with local value. Please visit ICS of California at their new website www.icsofcalifornia.com.

About ICS of California

Mark Woodward and Nestor Gomez are partners, working together to run ICS of California to provide the best service possible to the residents of California. Mark Woodward has 7 years and over 15,000 hours of investigative experience. Mr. Woodward is a licensed California private investigator but has completed investigations from coast to coast, including Mexico. Nestor Gomez has over 8 years of private investigator experience in California, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

The ICS Mission

The ICS mission to provide professional private investigations anywhere in the world, at any time, and report our findings in a timely and accountable manner.

About ICS

Founded in 1967, ICS, ICS World, or International Counterintelligence Services refers to one or more of the companies or affiliates operating under license. Each ICS company is an independently owned and operated, full service private detective agency dedicated to the fulfillment of the ICS Mission. ICS World enables clients to hire a licensed, qualified, reliable private investigator in their area at a standardized, reasonable cost.

About International Counterintelligence Services, Inc.

International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS, Inc.) was founded in 1967 by David Rabern, who was succeeded in 2006 by his son and current President, Michael Rabern. ICS, Inc. maintains its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and continues to pursue the ICS Mission globally. ICS, Inc. is a recognized world leader in private investigations.

About ICS World, L.L.C.

ICS World, LLC is the master licensor for ICS, ICS World, and International Counterintelligence Services. ICS World, LLC maintains corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and is directed by Michael Rabern, CEO, and Randy Wahl, COO.

ICS, ICS World, or International Counterintelligence Services are trademarks or registered service marks. All rights reserved.

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