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Private investigation related books all investigators need to know

Author : Michael Date : 03/13/2024 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

"Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators" by Rory J. McMahon
- This book covers various aspects of private investigation, including surveillance techniques, background checks, and legal issues, making it a must-read for aspiring and practicing PIs.

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating" by Steven Kerry Brown
- Ideal for beginners, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the basics of private investigations, from conducting online searches to understanding the legalities of surveillance.

"Private Investigator Entry Level (02E): An Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations" by Philip A. Becnel IV
- A textbook for entry-level investigators, covering the fundamentals of conducting private investigations, ethics, and law.

"Advanced Private Investigation: A Manual of Advanced Investigative Skills for the Private Investigator" by William F. Blake
- Aimed at more experienced investigators, this book delves into advanced techniques and methodologies for conducting complex investigations.

"How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Private Investigation Business" by Michael Cavallaro
- This book provides a roadmap for starting and running a successful private investigation business, covering topics like marketing, finance, and operations.

"Secrets of Surveillance: A Professional's Guide to Tailing Subjects by Vehicle, Foot, Airplane, and Public Transportation" by ACM IV Security Services
- A detailed guide on surveillance techniques, offering insights into tailing subjects using various modes of transportation.

"The Manual to Online Public Records: The Researcher's Tool to Online Resources of Public Records and Public Information" by Michael Sankey and Cynthia Hetherington 
- This book is a valuable resource for investigators needing to access public records and other public information online.

"Surveillance Tradecraft: The Professional's Guide to Surveillance Training" by Peter Jenkins
- This manual covers the art and science of surveillance, providing in-depth knowledge for professionals looking to refine their surveillance skills.

"Investigative Ethics: Ethics for Police Detectives and Criminal Investigators" by Seumas Miller
- This book discusses the ethical considerations and dilemmas that can arise in the course of investigations, providing guidance for maintaining integrity and professionalism.

The field of private investigations is broad, and continuous learning is key to staying current with the latest methods, technologies, and legal requirements. Additionally, the availability of books and resources may vary by region, and new publications are regularly released, so keeping an eye on recent releases in the field is also advisable.


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