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private investigators movies vs reality

Author : Michael Date : 01/14/2019 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

Private Investigations: TV/Movies vs Reality

TV & Movie portrayals of Private Investigators versus the real life work of a Private Investigator is vastly different. For one people assume that a PI only works on one case at a time and dedicates all of their available time to that one case, but in reality PI’s have multiple cases that are active at one time. A case is never solved within minutes, and most cases have many complicated intricacies.

Magnum PI

Another misconception is that PI’s live some sort of glamorous lifestyle and live the plot and life of a bachelor such as Magnum PI. In reality the work of a PI is a lot of blood sweat and tears, doing a lot of digging in places that aren’t too glamorous. Living and working on a strict budget, many long hours out in the field or in the office are the reality of the job.

The non-glamorous piece of the activity you don't see on TV includes a lot more. We track people by walking while covert, have to schedule surveillance at extremely inconvenient times of the day and night, find missing people and property, and perform inside and out of personal investigations in numerous different industries. A PI must be adaptable and innovative in the way they approach cases.


A general misinterpretation that private investigators hold invulnerability on the law causes disarray about what a private investigator can and can't do. However authorized private investigators have more access to police crime scenes than the overall population, they always should work inside the law. There are huge differences between a private detective and a police detective, a detective is not one in the same. A great part of the distinction there, can be on the off chance that police receive a higher amount of severe cases (homicide, and etc.), and responsibility. Which means, police detectives are responsible for explicit cases which cause more demand and scrutiny. Police detectives, may have significantly more training and education in interrogating a suspect and invest a considerable amount of energy in simply that by itself. The private detective, is juggling less cases around, and the all the cases are for profit and results.

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