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14 Things A Private Investigator Can Do

Author : Michael Date : 01/07/2019 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

1.       Follow someone

Follow you through car

A private investigator can set up surveillance measures to watch a suspects every public move. This can be used to spy on a cheating spouse or partner, spy on a suspicious business, get evidence of a fraud or a crime, all of this is possible and much more. If you need to find proof of someone’s wrong doing to support your claims, a private investigator can provide actual hard evidence through surveillance and other tactics. A private investigator can perform a stakeout and get video and audio recordings to support your evidence.


2.       Locate a person

A private investigator excels at locating someone for whatever reason. Some common reasons may be finding someone who is missing, a long lost sibling, finding birth parents, lost love, and many other reasons but whatever the reason private investigators have many methods to track someone down.

3.       Background Check

Private Investigators perform background checks for various reasons such as for employment, dating, military, criminal checks, and more. These checks can go as in-depth that you need the background check to go.

4.       Get information on a business

PI’s can do thorough research into a business this may include finding out their current and past employees, current and past executives, revenue, credit score, due diligence, and much more. However deep you need us to dig we will dig.


5.       Process Serving

Court House

Yes some PI’s are capable of serving a suspect any personal legal document, delivery of summons, subpoenas, and other legal documents. Do you have someone you need to sue but can’t seem to get to them? A private investigator can track down and serve the suspect in a stealthy fashion.


6.       GPS track a car

This is tricky and can only be achieved legally through certain requirements. First and foremost the vehicle must be registered in your name or we must have consent to from the person being tracked. So, for example, a girlfriend wants to track a car she gifted her ex-boyfriend. A GPS tracker can be placed only if the title of the car is in her name or consent to track is given by her.


7.       Work with police

Private Investigators tend to work alongside or in conjunction with the police to achieve a goal. Sometimes that may be in the form of obtaining a warrant or providing evidence for a law enforcement to use.


8.       Search the Dark Web

Yes, and this is more niche but some Private Investigators are able to scour the Dark Web to find information or to track a suspect down.


9.       Search through the trash

This can only be done if it’s not on private property, but an Investigator can search through trash to locate items, papers, receipts, banking, records, bodies (Hope not), and anything else that can help a case that may have been disposed through the trash.


10.   Find Sensitive info

Certain sensitive information and records can be obtained by a private investigator. This may include assets, fillings, financial records, arrest records, birth records, legal records, and much more.


11.   Help avoid Online Dating fails

A private investigator can help in online dating to avoid potential catfishes, fake profiles, and most other issues that arise through online dating.

12.   Fingerprinting

You may need to be fingerprinted for a variety of reasons. Many jobs that deal with viewing people's private information require fingerprinting, as do many government, security, and investigative positions

13.   Go Undercover

An investigator can go undercover and go unnoticed to supposed suspect. We can do undercover investigations for whatever reason such as tracking someone down, following a suspect, and more. Whatever it takes to be unknown and achieve the objective.


14.   Drone Surveillance

Yes you read that right a private investigator can use a drone as a tool to gain evidence. This is an effective tool for surveillance operations to get evidence in places that are humanly impossible to reach.

Drone Flying

So what can a private an investigator not do?  Click  Here  for are a few things that a private investigator CAN'T do.


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