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Long Lost Birth Mother Found by ICS

This kind of case isn't solved overnight. Find out the details below.


Our Client was adopted and desperately wanted to find her birth mother. She had been searching for years unsuccessfully; but then she found ICS. We conducted a parent locate investigation based on extensive information provided to us by the Client, which greatly aided us in the resulting search.

What ICS Did: 

This particular parent locate investigation featured an operation in Europe and effectively demonstrated our international presence. Our investigators coordinated with the client and interviewed former neighbors and childhood friends of the mother. Extensive interviews were conducted of known witnesses to derive the whereabouts of the Client's birth mother, which included community leaders, former friends, townspeople, etc. There was also quite a paper trail to follow, as the mother had had run-ins with the law, and had even been in prison. Soon, our investigators narrowed down on the mother's whereabouts.


All told the investigation took several months, but in the end we are proud to report that our Client’s birth mother was found. Of course, our client was ecstatic. ICS has provided many birth parent locates over the years, but this was one of the best feelings in the world – reuniting a family.

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