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ICS Will Not Do Cheating Decoy Investigations

Date : 12/07/2015

Scottsdale, Arizona – November, 2015 - International Counterintelligence Services (“ICS”), a leader in the private investigations industry takes a strong stand against Cheating Decoy Investigations.

Unlike other private investigation companies, ICS will not use cheating decoys in investigations to try and trick a client’s partner into betraying them. If a client suspects his/her partner of cheating and wants proof, ICS believes a cheating decoy strategy is not the way to go about it.  ICS strongly believes it is unethical to try and create a “perfect situation” which might never have existed otherwise.  For one thing, this will not necessarily determine who your partner is actually cheating with, and secondly, a cheating decoy, no matter how appealing, can’t always entice a cheater. There are also legal issues involved with this bait and hook type of investigation, where in some states it can be considered entrapment and inadmissible as evidence in court. 

If your partner is seeing someone, it is important for you to know who that person is so that you can take measures to protect yourself and your family. ICS will provide you with documented proof of the infidelity that will stand up in any court if you decide to go that route.

ICS investigators are experts at catching men and women who are unfaithful to their partners. That’s why, rather than use cheating decoys, ICS will constantly hone and refine the legitimate and ethical techniques they use in their investigations. It’s the commitment of ICS to give you the best, most effective service in the industry without ever compromising honor or integrity.


About ICS

International Counterintelligence Services (“ICS”) refers to one or more of the associations, companies, or affiliates operating under the ICS or International Counterintelligence Services brand.  International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. is a full service private investigation agency that employs cutting-edge techniques to solve cases in the private, industrial, and commercial worlds. ICS was founded in 1967 by David Rabern, succeeded by his son, Michael Rabern, in 2006.  ICS has had a global mission to provide investigations throughout the world.

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