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Overseas Lost Person

Private Investigator finds a lost person in an overseas country

ICS was contacted by a Client that had dated a now deceased Romanian man many years ago. The Client had been going through old photos of themselves and had come across photos of the deceased daughter. The Client was seeking to locate the daughter to share these photos with her. The Client had a name but was not able to locate the daughter on social media platforms. 
The Client and ICS devised an action plan to locate the female Subject in Romania. With the information provided of the female Subject, Investigators were sure in their ability to locate the female Subject. Background checks as well as immigration information at hand, were to be verified if the Subject was located in Romania.
Investigators were able to quickly work the case with the information provided. Investigators begun the search utilizing familiar methods, databases and vital records. ICS agents obtained the full name of the Subject, Identification information and previous living residence information. Investigators conducted a site visit at the address in which the Subject was last known to be living, but yielded negative results. It was confirmed by the complex that the Subject had sold the condo many years ago. It was later learned that the Subject had since moved nearly a decade ago to Canada according to local law enforcement and immigration records. With the information obtained from immigration, Investigators were able to confirm the Facebook profile for the Subject. Investigators at this time were able to provide the Client with the Subject’s information and the two were united. 

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