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Locate Lost Person

ICS was contacted in an attempt to locate a Subject that had been in a 3-year relationship with the Client.

Locate Lost Person / Subject Locate 


ICS was contacted in an attempt to locate a Subject that had been in a 3 year relationship with the Client. During their relationship, the Client learned that the Subject had been earning monies from illegal services. During the Client’ and Subjects relationship the Client had loaned the Subject a sum of money and is sought to be reimbursed. The Client was able to provide several articles in which the Subject was known locally for her services. After the Client had found out of these deviant ventures with men, he had ended the relationship. The Subject is believed to of moved from their previous location and their current location is unknown.
ICS suggested running the Subject’s through additional databases in an attempt to cross reference the information the Client had with Investigators. After completion of this portion of work, Investigators are to attempt to confirm the Subject’s current living address. 


Investigative efforts to obtain a living address through various databases provided by the ICS team were successful, and a new address other than what had been given by the Client had been obtained. Investigators were dispatched to the Subject’s address in an attempt to verify if her newly found residence. Upon arrival, Investigators attempted to verify the residence via a pretext door knock. Investigators were unable physically confirm if the Subject was inside the residence at the time. 

As Investigators were walking the premises they had come across management and asked a few questions in reference to the Subject. Without giving away to many details, the Investigator was taken to the Subject’s residence. Management confirmed that the Subject was last seen at the residence a couple weeks ago. Investigators attempted to verify if the Subject had owned any vehicles in the direct vicinity of the condominium and all results were negative. 

The Subject may have been absent during the residence check by Investigators. Investigators were able to obtain work information by management. Through additional pretexts, her work and work schedule had been confirmed. The Client now has the necessary information to further his case against the Subject. 

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