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ICS provides a full range of private investigator services conducted by licensed Alberta Private Investigators. ICS is a full service private investigation agency available 24 hours a day including holidays. When you need a private investigator in Alberta, turn to the professionals at ICS and begin your investigation with a free consultation online or by calling (888) 223-6494.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

Origin Investigation Location Case Type
Alberta, Canada Saskatchewan Canada Catfish or Catfishing Investigation
Alberta, Canada Saskatchewan Canada Private
Alberta, Canada Trinidad and Tobago Background Investigation
Alberta, Canada Alberta Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Nova Scotia, Canada Alberta Canada Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Alberta, Canada Alberta Locate Lost People
Alberta, Canada Alberta Locate Lost People
Alberta, Canada Alberta Private
Alberta, Canada Alberta Private
Alberta, Canada Alberta Background Investigation

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Alberta Private Investigator

ICS has a strategic alliance of fully licensed and bonded private investigators ready to respond and help with any type of investigation.  They are on call 24 hours a day and are dedicated to providing quality investigation services to anyone in Alberta Canada.

Established in 1967 we have become one of the most respected private investigative firms in Western Canada.  We offer services with integrity and confidentiality throughout Canada and Internationally.

All of our staff are experienced private investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence, military and computer. Our staff include arson and forensic experts who have over 30 years of detective experience.

Recent Employment Applications

  • Private Investigator Internship *Intern

    East Haven, Connecticut, United States04/26/2017

  • Senior Investigator Case Manager

    Menifee, California, United States04/25/2017

  • Private Investigator Internship *Intern

    Rindge, New Hampshire, United States04/25/2017

  • Experienced Private Investigator

    Drummondville, , Canada04/25/2017

  • Case Consultant and Case Analyst

    PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, United States04/25/2017

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