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Forensic Lab Testing

Forensic Lab Testing: Rigorous application of science to crime.

Amateur investigation is often not difficult to do. It can be easy to drive down to the local spy shop, pick up some cameras and binoculars, and do a bit of sleuthing on friends and family. Sometimes, however, an investigation simply cannot be done by anyone except a professional. Such is the case with forensic lab testing. Because of the high cost of equipment and difficulty in obtaining the necessary analytical skills, you generally have to resort to contracting with a forensic laboratory. But even here, there is difficulty. Even reasonably prestigious laboratories often employ low-skill workers to analyze your evidence, meaning that you get a poor result at an extremely high cost.

ICS, on the other hand, is a business you can trust. We've made it our passion to make our customers smile. Our forensic investigators are taken from a wide variety of disciplines, and, since we require frequent and professional results for our investigations, we only hire the best of the best. If you have a need for forensic lab testing, you can rest assured ICS will get the job done and leave you happy with the result.

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