Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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Unsolved Crime Investigations

Unsolved Crime Investigation: Have the police detectives let you down by not solving a crime involving you or someone that you love? The recent on slot of “cold case” television shows may have gotten you thinking that the unsolved crime that still haunts you may still be solvable.

Unsolved Crime Investigation

An unsolved crime, or a cold case, is a crime or accident that has not yet been solved and that is no longer being investigated, but a case for which new information could emerge from new witness testimony, re-examined archives or material evidence, or several other reasons.

If you or someone you know is the victim of an unsolved crime or accident, and justice has not been served, then your rights are not being protected. The police may give up on a case for a number of reasons, and most often it is due to lack of time and resources. At ICS, we have expert investigators who will dedicate all of their time to your specific case. We will examine all of the available evidence while we attempt to find and gather new evidence that could be the turning point that the police need to re-open the investigation. Call ICS today for a free consultation to see if we can finally bring you justice.

Unsolved Crime Investigations Information:

  • ICS professional investigators will take the following steps to re-open your case:
    • Review all available old evidence
    • Talk to all witnesses
    • Read all available reports relating to the crime
    • Examine all photographs and documents from your case with fresh eyes
    • Conduct second interview with all witnesses in case new facts come to light that will help a key witness connect dots that weren’t previously known
      • Some witnesses may have been hesitant to share the whole truth with the police during the original investigation – as time passes, they may be more willing to share with ICS investigators
    • Compile all of our findings in a detailed, easy-to-read report that will be admissible in court
  • Some types of cases that may go cold:
    • Arson
    • Homicide
    • Kidnapping
    • Manslaughter
    • Police Brutality
    • Sex Crimes
    • Suicide
  • Related ICS Services:
    • Background Investigations
    • Surveillance
      • Photos and Videos of Known and Unknown Subjects
    • Computer and Physical Forensic Evidence Services
      • Review and analyze all existing evidence
      • Body Fluid, Semen Testing
      • Hair and Skin DNA Testing
      • Computer and Internet Usage
      • Communication Monitoring
      • Document Review
      • Audio and Video Enhancement and Analysis
      • Digital Image Filtering and Enhancement
    • Public Records and Comprehensive Information Research
    • Undercover and Covert Investigations
    • Polygraph and Lie Detection Services
    • Locate Investigations
    • Shredded or Destroyed Document Reconstruction

ICS Experience and Expertise:

  • Operating since 1967
    • Far greater operational reach than any other investigative service in the world
    • Built through experience and expertise with a mix of law enforcement and military backgrounds
  • All services are performed and billed on an hourly basis.
  • Investigators are available 24/7.

ICS Network:

  • Global resources network for domestic and international work
  • Constantly evolving technical capabilities to adapt to advances in electronics and technology
  • Use of cutting edge technology and equipment


  • Free Consultation for Needs Analysis
  • Design an Action Plan
  • Engagement and Fees
  • Execute Action Plan
  • Present Thorough Documentation of All Results/Findings

Are you in need?

If you or someone you know has been affected by a crime or accident that was never solved, and the police have given up on it, then you need ICS and our team of expert investigators to get things moving again. We will go over all of the available evidence and work to procure new evidence that could break open your case. It is very difficult on victims who never learn the truth about the crime that was committed against them, and they are often left with nothing but fear and doubt. Let us bring you peace of mind while bringing justice to the person who wronged you. Call ICS today for a free consultation to see if your case has the potential for a major break-through!

A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. Was there a police report created?
  2. Have you found any inventory (evidence) or information about this case that has not been reported to the Police?
  3. Will the results of this investigation be used in a court of law?
  4. Have you retained legal counsel?
  5. Is this a re-examination of police evidence?
  6. Is someone wrongfully imprisoned now?
  7. What category of Unsolved Crime or Cold Case? (check as many as apply)
  8. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?
  9. When did the crime occur?
  10. How many subjects may be involved?
  11. What is your relationship to the subject?
  12. By what date do the services need to be complete?
  13. Are there any limitations you would need to put on this investigation? (Please explain in detail)
  14. Describe the circumstances and requirements of your case to us. Please include any and all information that may be important. Even the most minor detail can be considered helpful. (The Story)
  15. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:

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{redacted} commented 931 days ago
my brother was shot and killed in a drive by shooting in {redacted} on feb {redacted}he was only {redacted} years old would had been age {redacted}in a just a few days if you have the heart to give him justice place contact me sorry my family don't have the money to pay some he leaves behind a son only {redacted} months old and a little girl age {redacted} who want justice for their father {redacted}
Patsy commented 2464 days ago
I am from a small town in wisc and in1996 a young man went missing and people think he is still here after 11 years.we all know he is not alive.i want to become a private dect.but there is so many things to do to become one .i have a 2years associate degree in security ,my question is what do i need to become a private investigator?
Jim commented 2494 days ago
I am about to retire from police work after 32 years of service. I specialized in forensics. My expertise was in fire investigations, post-blast investigations, and I was also a member of the National CBRNE Response Team. I am a Bloodstain Pattern Analyst and have been involved in many high profile murder investigations. Would there be a job for me as a consultant in your industry?

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