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Maine Private Investigator

ICS offers a full range of private investigation services throughout Maine, and our investigations are always performed by Licensed Maine Private Investigators. ICS investigators are held to the highest levels of professionalism and you can expect all reports and findings to be reported accurately and in a timely fashion. Contact us today to start your case with ICS.

Recent Maine Inquiries
OriginInvestigation LocationClient TypeCase Type
Hartford Maine, Maine Augusta ME, Maine Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Other Private Investigator Case
Maine New York Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Maine New York Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Monmouth, Maine, Maine Seattle, Washington Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Other Private Investigator Case
Lewiston, Maine Augusta ME, Maine Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Other Private Investigator Case
Oklahoma Maine Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Adopted Child Locate Investigation
Hayward, California Portland, Maine Spousal or Matrimonial Divorce Investigation
Maine Maine Security & Private Investigator Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Punta Gorda, Florida Portland, Maine Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Dependency Investigations
Maine Maine Parental or Caretaker Child Custody and Visitation Investigations

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Description of Private Investigations in Maine

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Maine Private Investigator

Local Maine Private Investigator

Private Investigators in Maine are required to be licensed in order to conduct Private Investigation services. If your investigation requires the case to move out of state, the private investigator must still abide by any out of state licensing requirements.

Maine Private Investigator

A private investigator in Maine must go through a thorough background check and be licensed under the Maine Department of Public Safety and is overseen by the Maine State Police. Although there are no requirements other than to be licensed to become a private investigator, many agents have extensive military or police training.

You can rest assured that any Maine Private Investigator assigned to your case with ICS of Maine is fully licensed and insured in accordance with Maine state laws and participates in any required continuing education. It is important for you to have this assurance, as it is equally illegal to hire an unlicensed private investigator in a state that requires it, as well as to operate a private investigation firm without a license.

Private Investigator in Maine

As of 2011, the estimated population of Maine was 1,328,188 people. With a density of 41.3 people per square mile, Maine is the least dense state of all states bordering the eastern seaboard as well as all the states east of the Mississippi River. In 2009, Maine was only one of 3 states to decrease in population.

Maine Private Investigator

New England, a region consisting of 6 states:  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, makes up  the northeastern corner of United States. Maine is the largest state in the region, accounting for nearly half of the total land mass. Maine is also the most eastern state in United States and only has one bordering state (New Hampshire). Most of all, Maine is known for the fantastic scenery of its rocky coastlines and spectacular forested interior.

ICS provides a full range of investigations for the state of Maine, and has private investigators in every major metropolitan region. Whether your case involves adultery, child custody, missing persons, fraud, extramarital affairs, asset searches, infidelity, surveillance, background checks, or any kind of other service, ICS can help. With the experience and resources we have, we can find the answers you need.

Maine Background Checks

Do you need a Background Check performed in the state of Maine? Background checks are one of the most well known and useful investigation tools a private investigator can provide. Sometimes a background check is all a client needs and other times it is merely the first step into a more in-depth investigation, providing leads and evidence for the private investigator and client to pursue. If you need a Maine background check or an investigation involving one, the professionals at ICS are ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need. ICS has been helping people in Maine just like you get results since 1967.

Maine Detective Agency

Local Associations and Important Resources for Maine

The State of Maine Official Website

Website: http://www.maine.gov/

Maine Private Investigators Association

Website: http://www.mlpia.org/

Maine Department of Public Safety

Website: http://www.maine.gov/dps

Maine State Legislature

Website: http://www.maine.gov/legis/

Maine DPS Gaming and Weapons Unit

Website: http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/licenses/weapons_permits.html

About Maine:


Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

Maine Private Investigator License

Reference Website: http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/32/title32ch89sec0.html

Contact Information:
Website: http://www.maine.gov/dps/msp/licenses/weapons_permits.html
Email: Bill.Gomane@maine.gov
Weapons Permits & Professional Licensing, State House Station 164, Augusta, Maine, United States, 04333
Phone: (207) 624-7210
Fax: (207) 287-3424

Maine Private Investigators Association

Citation Statute:
Maine Revised Statutes
Title 32
Chapter 89: Private Investigators

Website: http://janus.state.me.us/legis/statutes/32/title32ch89sec0.html

Qualifications Requirement:
Possesses a minimum of 6 years of preparation consisting of a combination of:
Work experience, including at least 2 years in a non clerical occupation related to law or the criminal justice system; and
Educational experience, including at least:
Sixty academic credits of post-secondary education acquired at an accredited junior college, college or university; or
An associate degree in law enforcement, based on 2 years of post-secondary instruction, conferred by an established technical college

Reciprocity: The other state or territory grants similar reciprocity to license holders in this State.

Testing: Has passed an examination administered by the commissioner covering subjects pertaining to private investigation to be prescribed by him, provided that a person currently licensed, as described in section 8106, may at no time be required to take any such examination.

Fees: Amount: The fee for an original biennial license is $400, of which $50 must be submitted with the application and $350 must be submitted upon issuance of the license. The fee for an investigative assistant's license is $600, of which $200 must be submitted with the application and $400 must be submitted upon issuance of the license.

Renewal Information: The fee for a 4-year renewal is $400, which is refundable upon denial of renewal.
Expiration: If a previously issued license has expired and not been renewed within a period of 60 days, the application shall be considered the original application and the same fees and all requirements of an original application shall apply.

Click on one of the following to start your free consultation:
I need an investigation in Maine
I am in Maine, but need an investigation elsewhere

Top Case Types for Maine
Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Other Private Investigator Case
Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital)
Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Unfaithful or Cheating Mate (Non-Marital)
Cheating Spouse Investigation
Cheating Husband Investigation
Child Support Enforcement and Collection
Missing Persons
Stalking and Harassment Investigations

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Recent Employment Applications

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Private Investigator Internship *Intern
January, 2016
Cambridge, Maine, United States

Private Investigator Internship *Intern
March, 2015
Portland, Maine, United States

Senior Investigator Case Manager
February, 2015
Turner, Maine, United States

Case Consultant and Case Analyst
December, 2014
Turner, Maine, United States

Senior Investigator Case Manager
October, 2014
Turner, Maine, United States

Public Records & Background Researcher
June, 2014
Groveland, Massachusetts, United States

Independent Contractor OR Sub-Contractor
May, 2014
DoverFoxcroft, Maine, United States

Senior Investigator Case Manager
March, 2014
Durham, Maine, United States

Private Investigator Internship *Intern
February, 2014
hampden, Maine, United States

Experienced Private Investigator
January, 2014
Lamoine, Maine, United States

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