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Pennsylvania Private Investigator

ICS of Pennsylvania provides superior private investigations throughout the state. ICS works with licensed private investigators in Pennsylvania to work your case quickly and discreetly. ICS is a full service private investigation agency working locally and internationally, and we accept a variety of case types. To begin your free consultation with a private investigator from ICS, complete the online free consultation form, or call our toll free number at: 1 (888) 223-6494. PA License Number MD 2102-07.

Recent Pennsylvania Inquiries
OriginInvestigation LocationClient TypeCase Type
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Specific Criminal Defense Investigations
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Attorneys & Legal Services Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Dublin Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Attorneys & Legal Services Divorce Investigation
Cleveland, Ohio Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Birth Parent Locate Investigation
pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ecuador Spousal or Matrimonial Background Investigation
Pennsylvania Ohio Parental or Caretaker Background Investigation
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Parental or Caretaker Birth Parent Locate Investigation
fremont, California Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Religion or Faith Based Investigation
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Spousal or Matrimonial Domestic Investigations (All Types)
Aston, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Background Checks (Online Dating)

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Description of Private Investigations in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Private Investigator

Local Pennsylvania Private Investigator

Private Investigators in Pennsylvania are required to be licensed in order to conduct Private Investigation services. If your investigation requires the case to move out of state, the private investigator must still abide by any out of state licensing requirements.

Private Investigator in Pennsylvania

ICS provides a full range of investigations for the State of Pennsylvania, and has authorized sub-contractors in every major metropolitan region. Whether your case involves fraud, adultery, missing persons, child custody, extramarital affairs or infidelity, asset searches, surveillance, background checks or any of our other services, ICS has the resources and expertise to find the answers you need

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to act as a private investigator without a private investigator license granted by a County Judge. In order to obtain their license, private investigators must pass Pennsylvania’s rigorous licensing requirements, including an in-depth background check. Obtaining a Private Investigator’s license in Pennsylvania is a little different than in most other states. There is no written exam required, but generally applicants must have 3 years full time, paid experience as a Detective on the police force, a Sheriff, a Police Officer with ranking higher than Patrolman, or have held a position with one of the United States investigative agencies in order to be considered for a license. Applicants must contact the Clerk of Courts to make an appointment in front of a county judge, who will ultimately issue the license. Applicants in most counties will be investigated by a District Attorney prior to being granted a court date.

ICS strictly adheres to all federal, state, and local laws, so rest assured that any ICS private investigator assigned to your case will be fully licensed, insured, and up to date with all continuing education requirements. At ICS, our private investigators meet or exceed all industry standards, providing you with effective and discreet investigative services. Choosing ICS for your private investigation needs means you will be working with the entire ICS network of professionals, in the case that your investigation requires work outside of Pennsylvania or the expertise of one of our forensic or technical investigation teams. ICS services all of Pennsylvania, including the following areas: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Hershey, Gettysburg, Lancaster, King of Prussia, Norristown, Willow Grove, Wilkesbarre, Harrisburg, Allentown and more.

Adultery, Infidelity, Cheating Spouse and Unfaithful Partner Investigations

Private Investigators in Penn State

Being the victim of infidelity is never easy, but if you suspect your partner is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. ICS can obtain the proof you need to move forward with your case and protect yourself and your interests from an unfaithful lover. Some common suspicious behaviors a cheater might exhibit are excessive or secretive computer use, hiding of cell phone and personal finances, working uncharacteristically late or going on business trips at the last minute, lack of, or a sudden increase in sexual appetite, being diagnosed with an STD, abnormal activity on the home phone like hang ups when you answer or hang-ups after a specific number of rings, or claiming that a wedding ring has been lost or stolen. If your partner is engaging in these or other suspect activities, contact ICS to begin an investigation today.

Adultery can play an important role in Pennsylvania divorce cases. Adultery is not illegal in Pennsylvania, in the sense that neither party can be sent to jail for carrying out an affair, but proof of an extramarital affair is grounds for divorce. Pennsylvania is an “at fault” divorce state that allows for no fault separations. If you are filing an at-fault divorce case, you are obligated to provide proof of an affair to support your divorce claim. A private investigator from ICS can obtain the proof you need to prove your case to a judge. It is especially important to catch a cheater and gather as much proof as possible because judges in Pennsylvania have significant authority in determining alimony and support payments. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, so all properties will be divided fairly amongst both parties, as will be determined by the judge. Nationally, 53% of marriages end in divorce, 57% of men and 54% of women admit to cheating in past or current relationships, and the average affair lasts for 2 years. The state of Pennsylvania averages about 26,000 divorces a year, with many marriages ending within two years. If you are going through divorce or are considering applying for a divorce in Pennsylvania, let ICS help you obtain the information you need to prove your case.

Even if you aren’t married, a private investigation can reveal invaluable information about the affair, such as the number of additional partners being seen and the amount of money being spent on the affair(s). If your spouse or partner is displaying the common signs of cheating, an investigation with ICS will answer all these questions and more, helping to empower you in this difficult time.

Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Support Investigations

In child custody cases, the primary concern for all parties involved is to protect the welfare of the child. In the state of Pennsylvania, there are thousands of children affected by divorce each year. When parents cannot agree on child custody arrangements themselves, a judge will award custody based on the child’s best interest. When a judge determines who will receive custody of a child in Pennsylvania they take several factors into account, including a parent’s ability to provide a loving, clean, safe, and stable environment for the child, and what the terms of the divorce were-proof of adultery or spousal abuse can result in automatic loss of custody rights for the “guilty” parent. If a custody battle ensues in Pennsylvania, a judge will determine custody after both parents have presented their case. Judges in Pennsylvania generally prefer to grant joint custody when possible, but if one (or both) parents file for sole custody the judge will make their determination based on who is the “better” parent. ICS can help you obtain the information and facts you need to make a case for child custody. After child support is granted, every year 50% of parents entitled to child support money never receive the full amount owed to them, with 25% getting no money at all, even though a court has required the other parent to pay. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for government agencies to accurately assess a child’s living situation due to limited state and federal funding, and it is impossible for them to follow through on every case.

If you feel your child’s best interests are not being met by your current custody arrangements, or if child support payments aren’t being made, ICS can help provide the proof you need to take your case in front of a judge. In the course of the child custody investigation, ICS agents might need to speak to friends, family, childcare workers, and co-workers to get the clearest picture of your child’s welfare. At ICS, we will focus on your case, and have access to be the best tools and resources available to provide a thorough, discreet and professional investigation. We can solve your case using surveillance, skip tracing, hidden asset checks, public record searches, undercover investigations, and much more.

Missing Person and Locate Person Investigations

Traditionally, missing persons cases are handled by local law enforcement and the FBI, in collaboration with the AMBER Alert system. In Pennsylvania, local law enforcement is required to file a missing persons report immediately with the National Crime Information Center, which automatically enters information about the missing person in the Missing Persons Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse is essential in providing information to all relevant parties, helping to create interdepartmental and cross-county communication. Pennsylvania police advise you to report a missing person immediately; waiting 24 hours could be detrimental to their investigation and is not required by law, as is the case in some other states. There are about 60 missing persons cases active at any given time in Pennsylvania, but local law enforcement agencies are not always able to find these lost or missing people. Often, laws and regulations that may prevent them from even recognizing an individual as a Missing Person bind these agencies. Unfortunately, this is especially true in cases involving missing adults. Many lost person cases simply fall outside the scope of criminal investigations, for instance, if you’re searching for a friend or family member with whom you have lost contact. ICS can help you find someone whether a crime has been committed or not, even if the police have already attempted to solve the case. If you have an unsolved missing person case, or need to locate a lost person in Pennsylvania ICS can help. If you want to reconnect with a loved one, find your birth parents or locate a debtor/defrauder, contact ICS to begin your investigation today.

Pennsylvania Background Check

If you need a background check performed on an individual living in Pennsylvania, or if you live in Pennsylvania and need a background check performed out of state, ICS can help. Background checks are one the most common and well known tools a Pennsylvania private investigator can provide. Often, a background check is the only information a client needs. In cases where a more in-depth investigation is called for, the background check is a great starting point, providing the investigator and client with valuable leads to pursue. If you need a Pennsylvania background check, or if you have a case involving one, ICS is ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need in a delicate and professional manner. ICS has been helping people in Pennsylvania just like you get results since 1967.

Pennsylvania Computer Forensics Private Investigator

In an increasingly technological world, it has become more important-and more difficult-to keep your personal information safe. Part of keeping your information safe involves knowing who has been accessing your personal electronic devices, and determining if information has been viewed or copied. ICS can retrieve and analyze data from electronic storage devices, like desktop and laptop computers, network servers, external storage drives, flash drives, digital cameras, smart phones such as the iPhone or Android phones, and more. All data retrieval methods used by ICS are complaint with all federal and Pennsylvania state laws, so any data recovered will be available to use as evidence. In addition to recovering emails, instant messages, and text messages, ICS also offers virus and spyware detection and removal, pornography detection, email tracing, computer and network intrusion detection and prevention, Internet history evaluation, and hidden files detection. Contact ICS today to ensure that your data and digital devices are safe. ICS can help protect you from the increasing threat of identity theft.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are steps taken to detect and prevent unwanted surveillance. Technical surveillance often takes the form of eavesdropping by bugging a house, tapping a phone line, or installing hidden cameras, with the intention of committing corporate espionage, privacy invasion, extortion, identity theft, information theft, or stalking. Being the victim of technical surveillance can endanger your personal safety, and leaves you vulnerable to potential financial damages. To ensure that you haven’t fallen prey to technical surveillance, ICS will perform a technical surveillance countermeasures sweep, which consists of sweeping for bugs, performing a physical and electronic inspection of the area to check for infrared, laser, audio recording, hidden cameras, wireless microphones, radio transmitters, phone taps, GPS tracking, and cell phone interceptors. A technical surveillance countermeasures sweep is not an investigation in itself, but rather is a service offered by ICS; if evidence of illegal surveillance is found, ICS will collaborate with a Pennsylvania private investigator to report findings and take appropriate action.

Pennsylvania Background Check

Local Associations and Important Resources for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators

Website: http://www.pali.org/

The State of Pennsylvania Official Website

Website: http://www.state.pa.us/

Pennsylvania State Police

Website: http://www.psp.state.pa.us/

Pennsylvania State Legislature

Website: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/

About Pennsylvania:


ICS of Pennsylvania on FacebookICS of Pennsylvania on TwitterPrivate Investigator PortalPrivate Investigators at ICS of Pennsylvania

Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

Pennsylvania Private Investigator License

The Private Detective Act of 1953, 22 Pa. C.S.A. encompasses the licensing and business of private detectives, security guards, etc. Interested individuals may apply to the Clerk of Courts for a license in the county where they intend to have their primary business office. The county District Attorney is responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the law. Once you are licensed, you may work anywhere throughout the Commonwealth.
Reference Website: http://www.lccpa.org/forms/criminal/general/PrivateDetectiveLicenseRequirements-publicweb.pdf

Contact Information:
8002 Bretz Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States, 17112-9748
Phone: (717)346-4087

The Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators

Citation Statute:
Pennsylvania Statutes
Title 22: Detectives
Private Detective Act of 1953

Website: http://www.pali.org/docs/Pennsylvania_Private_Detective_Act_of_1953.pdf

Qualifications Requirement:
All applicants must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age.

All applicants must meet the following qualifications:

1. A member of the U.S. Government investigative service; or
2. A Sheriff; or
3. A member of the Pennsylvania State Police; or
4. Regularly employed as a detective or as a member of a city police department of a rank or grade higher than that of patrolman for a period of not less than three (3) years.

All applicants must submit with their application the statements of not less than five (5) reputable citizens in accordance with 22 Pa. C.S.A. §14. Any citizen related to the applicant by blood or marriage does NOT qualify. All statements must be notarized.

Any applicant who has been convicted of any FELONY or any of the following offenses fails to qualify for a license:

• Illegal use, carrying or possessing a pistol or other dangerous weapon;
• Making or possessing burglar’s instruments;
• Buying or receiving stolen property;
• Unlawful entry of a building;
• Aiding escape from prison;
• Possessing or delivery of a controlled substance;
• Picking pockets or attempting to do so;
• Soliciting any person to commit sodomy or other lewdness;
• Recklessly endangering another person;
• Making terrorist threats; or
• Committing simple assault.

No applicant who is a holder of an employment agency license may be licensed under this act.

If the applicant will carry a lethal weapon as an incident with employment, proof of a current and valid certification under the “Lethal Weapons Training Act” must also be submitted to the Court.

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Private Investigation Cases covered in this Area:
Abondoned Property Investigation Juror Vetting (Jury Selection)
Accident Reconstruction Kidnapping and Ransom Situation
Activity Checks Labor Dispute Monitoring
Adopted Child Locate Investigation Land Ownership and Title Investigation
Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital) Litigation & Legal Support (Active Case)
AOE or COE Insurance Investigation Locate Lost People
Arson or Fire Loss Investigation Loss and Theft Investigations
Background Checks (Online Dating) Lost Family Member
Background Investigation Malpractice Investigation
Background Investigation (Pre-Marital or Pre-nuptial) Maritime or Boating Investigations
Bankruptcy Due Diligence Medical and Dental Malpractice
Beneficiary Investigations Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation
Birth Parent Locate Investigation Mind Control or Brainwashing Investigations
Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations Missing Persons
Bomb Threats and Detection Missing Pet Investigations
Bug Sweeps Mobile Phone and PDA Seizures
Cargo and Transportation Investigation Money Laundering Investigations
Cargo Theft Investigation Mortgage Fraud Investigations
CDL Verification Mystery and Secret Shopper
Cellphone Spyware Detection Narcotics Detection
Cellphone Tapping Detection Online Auction Fraud
Cellular Forensics Online Defamation Investigation
Cheating Decoy Investigations Online Gaming and MMO Investigations
Cheating Husband Investigation Online Social Networking Investigation
Cheating Spouse Investigation Organized Crime Control or RICO
Cheating Wife Investigation Origin and Cause Investigation
Child Abuse or Molestation Other Private Investigator Case
Child Custody and Visitation Investigations Overdue Cargo Investigation
Child Exploitation and Obscenity (Pornography) Paternity Investigations and Testing
Child Support Enforcement and Collection Personal Injury
Child Support Modification Personal Protection
Cohabitation Investigation Polygraph and Lie Detection (General)
Cold Case Investigations Polygraph and Lie Detection for Domestic Purposes
Commercial GPS Tracking Polygraph and Lie Detection for Employee Purposes
Competitive Business Intelligence Polygraph and Lie Detection for Pre Employment Screening
Computer Eavesdropping Detection Pre-Employment Screening
Computer Forensics Investigation Probate Investigation
Computer Hacking Detection Process Service (Worldwide)
Computer Spyware Detection Professional Malpractice Investigations
Corporate Slander Investigation Public Interest Investigations
Counterfeiting Crime Real Estate Fraud Investigations
Counter-Surveillance Religion or Faith Based Investigation
Covert Surveillance (Tailing) Runaway and Missing Children
Criminal Background Checks and Search Sabotage Investigations
Criminal Defense Investigations Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Securities Investigations
Criminal Investigation (All Types) Sects Occult or Cults Investigations
Cyber Sabotage Investigations Security Consulting (CPP & PPS Certified)
Debugging Sexual Harassment Claims
D'enquête pour les Clients qui Parlent Français Sick Day Fraud
Dependency Investigations Signal Piracy Investigation
Digital Forensics Slander and Defamation of Character Investigations
Discrimination Claims Investigations Social Media Investigation
Diversion or Conversion Investigations Spousal Maintenance or Alimony Modification
Divorce Investigation Stalking and Harassment Investigations
Document Examination and Assessment Sting Operations
Domestic Investigations (All Types) Stock Options Fraud
Domestic Violence Stolen or Lost Cat Investigations
Drowning and Boating Accident Investigations Stolen or Lost Dog Investigations
Drug Testing Stolen or Lost Pet Investigations
Due Diligence Investigation (General) Stolen Property Investigations
Eavesdropping Detection (Bugs and Taps) Strike and Labor Unrest
eDiscovery Sub-Rosa Surveillance
Elder Abuse Investigations Substance Abuse Investigation
Electronic Discovery Services Surface or Forensic Drug Detection
Email Tracking and SMS Tracing Surveillance (Beacon or GPS tracking)
Embezzlement Investigation Surveillance Detection (Countermeasures)
Employee Malingering Investigation Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Employee Theft Investigation Telephone Tapping Detection
Employment Misconduct Investigation Tenant Screening
Espionage Investigations Traffic and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
Expert Witness Testimony Undercover and Covert Investigations
Extortion or Exaction Investigations Unfair Competition Investigations
Financial Fraud Investigations Unfaithful or Cheating Mate (Non-Marital)
Fugitive Apprehension Unlawful Conduct Investigations
Gay Spouse Investigation Unsolved Crime Investigations
GPS Tracking Detection Vendor Screening Investigations
Hidden Assets Investigation Veterinary Malpractice Investigations
Hidden Assets Search (Lost or Forgotten) Water Related Death Investigation
Homicide and Murder Investigation White Collar Crime
Human Trafficking Wire and Electronic Communications Crime
Identity Theft Witness Locates and Interviewing
Inheritance Investigation Witness Statements
Insurance Fraud Investigations (Active Case) Workers' Compensation Fraud (AOE/COE)
Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement Workplace (ADA, EEOC, or FMLA Sensitive)
International Marriage Investigation Workplace Conditions Investigations
International Rendition Workplace Investigation Interview
Internet Cyber Bullying Workplace Violence Investigation
Internet Defamation and Slander Investigations Wrongful Death Investigations
Investigación para Clientes que Hablan Español Wrongful Imprisonment

Clients Serviced in this Area:
Attorneys & Legal Services Insurance Industry and Adjusters
Business (100+ Employees) Law Enforcement Specific
Business (Small Business) Medical Services or Hospice
Education Services Industry Non-Government Organization
Financial Services Industry Parental or Caretaker
Government (Local/State/Federal) Real Estate Professionals
Hotel, Bar or Restaurant Specific Security & Private Investigator
Human Resource Professionals Spousal or Matrimonial
Individual Clients (Personal Cases) Transportation (Trucking and Cargo)

Top Case Types for Pennsylvania
Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital)
Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Cheating Spouse Investigation
Other Private Investigator Case
Unfaithful or Cheating Mate (Non-Marital)
Background Investigation
Cheating Husband Investigation
Locate Lost People
Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Child Support Enforcement and Collection

Pennsylvania Office Information

ICS of Pennsylvania

388 Main Street
Harleysville, Pennsylvania 19438

Phone: 1 (888) 223-6494 (toll free)
Phone: 215-256-6223
Email: brian.sweet@icsofpennsylvania.com

Office Contact: Brian Sweet

Case Studies

Auction Case Study
A client recently contacted ICS after his father, who lived on a non-functioning farm, passed...

Workers Comp Fraud Case Study
A Client contacted ICS saying they would like to determine what their prior employee is doing...

Covert Surveillance Case Study
A client contacted us to acquire any details and information we could find on her fiancé. She...

Child Custody Case Study
A client going through a divorce contacted us to help him gain custody of his children. When the...

Catfish Case Study
After communicating with a woman online for over a year, ICS was contacted to determine if our...

Papers and Press Releases

April 03, 2014
ICS of Pennsylvania Now on Google Plus

ICS of Pennsylvania has recently created a Google Plus account and can now be found in Google Locally via Google Maps, Google Local and Google Page...

October 30, 2013
Fraud Investigation solved by ICS of Pennsylvania

ICS of Pennsylvania, Inc. assisted a client by determining the lawyer that she had retained and became romantically involved with was a fraud.

April 26, 2013
ICS of Missouri and Pennsylvania Collaborate to Finish a Case

Two ICS offices collaborate to complete a case for a personal injury case.

April 23, 2013
Another Successful Child Custody Case from ICS of Pennsylvania

ICS of Pennsylvania had another successful Child Custody Case that helped their client gain full custody over their child as well as terminate chil...

April 22, 2013
ICS of Pennsylvania Sponsors the MCPA 2013

ICS of Pennsylvania sponsors MCPA for the April 2013 seminar

Recent Employment Applications

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Surveillance Investigator
April, 2016
Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Private Investigator Internship *Intern
April, 2016
Cecil, Pennsylvania, United States

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April, 2016
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Private Investigator Internship *Intern
April, 2016
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Private Investigator Internship *Intern
March, 2016
Grove City , Pennsylvania, United States

Surveillance Investigator
March, 2016
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Private Investigator Internship *Intern
March, 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Public Records & Background Researcher
March, 2016
McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, United States

Local County Records Reporter/ Researcher
March, 2016
New Castle, Delaware, United States

Private Investigator Internship *Intern
March, 2016
Palmyra, Pennsylvania, United States

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