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Oklahoma Private Investigator

Traveling through Oklahoma is quite the experience. The rich culture and beautiful land are something special to take in. It offers a lot to all, but it can also offer problems. If you ever need a private investigator to go to work for you, make sure to call on us.

Recent Investigation Inquiries

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Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma Unlawful Conduct Investigations
Lawton, Oklahoma Oklahoma Private
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Germany Cheating Spouse Investigation
Lawton, Oklahoma Oklahoma Locate Lost People
Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma Personal Protection
Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma Email Tracking and SMS Tracing

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Oklahoma Private Investigator

Local Oklahoma Private Investigator

Private Investigators in Oklahoma are required to be licensed in order to conduct Private Investigation services. If your investigation requires the case to move out of state, the private investigator must still abide by any out of state licensing requirements.

Oklahoma  Private Investigator

A private investigator in Oklahoma must go through a detailed background check and be issued a license by CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training). There is also a minimal required training that someone applying for a PI License in Oklahoma must accomplish first before filling out an application.

You can rest assured that any Oklahoma  Private Investigator assigned to your case with ICS is fully licensed and insured in accordance with Oklahoma state laws and participates in any required continuing education. It is important for you to understand local laws, as it is equally illegal to hire an unlicensed private investigator in a state that requires it, as well as to operate a private investigation firm without a license.

Private Investigator in Oklahoma

As of 2011, the estimated population of Oklahoma  was 3,791,508 people. Oklahoma is also ranked the 28th most populated State in the US. It is surrounded by Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and is one in six states to be apart of the Frontier Strip.

Private Investigation in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a total of 60 state, national  parks and protected regions. Much of this land is considered a part of what is known as “Tornado Alley.” As the weather in Oklahoma has frequent interaction between cold and warm air, the state is susceptible to more than 50 tornadoes per year which is one of the highest in the world.

ICS provides a full range of investigations for the state of Oklahoma , and has private investigators in every major metropolitan region. Whether your case involves child custody,  missing persons, asset searches, extramarital affairs, adultery, infidelity, background checks, surveillance, or any kind of other service, ICS can help. With the experience and resources we have, we can get you the answers you are looking for.

Oklahoma  Background Checks

Do you need a Background Check performed in the state of Oklahoma? Background checks are some of the most useful services a private investigator can provide to their clients. Sometimes a background check is all a client needs and other times it it can be a part of a much more intricate investigation. If you need an Oklahoma  background check or an investigation involving one, the professionals at ICS are ready to get you the results you are looking for.. ICS has been helping people in Oklahoma  just like you get results since 1967.

Oklahoma Background Check

Recent Employment Applications

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States04/19/2018

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    Glenpool, Oklahoma, United States02/18/2018

  • Private Investigator Internship *Intern

    Sperry, Oklahoma, United States07/20/2017

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States05/12/2017

Local Associations and Important Resources for Oklahoma

Oklahoma Private Investigator Association:


About Oklahoma:


Welcome to Oklahoma's Official Web Site

Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns


Oklahoma requires continuing education for its licensed investigators. Oklahoma has a very helpful system named CLEET that handles all private investigator licensing matters.
Reference Website: https://www.ok.gov/cleet/Licensing/Private_Investigators/

Contact Information:
Website: https://www.ok.gov/cleet/Licensing/Private_Investigators/
Email: https://www.ok.gov/triton/contact.php?ac=185&id=161
Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training, 2401 Egypt Road, Ada, Oklahoma, United States, 74820-0669
Phone: 405-239-5100

Oklahoma Private Investigators Association

Citation Statute:

Website: http://law.justia.com/codes/oklahoma/2015/title-59/section-59-1750.1/

Qualifications Requirement:
Straight from the State of Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, Chapter 35 Regulation of the Private Security Industry,

(1) be 21 years of age;
(2) be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien;
(3) not have been convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude unless waived by the
Council pursuant to O.S. Title 59, Section 1750.5 (H);
(4) not have had his license revoked or application for such license denied by CLEET;
(5) be of good moral character; and
(6) in the case of a corporation, be incorporated under the laws of the state.

Reciprocity: The state of Oklahoma does not have reciprocity agreements with any other states

Testing: An exam is required in order to be licensed in the state of Oklahoma. More info on testing dates can be found here: https://www.ok.gov/cleet/Licensing/Training/#TestingDates.

Fees: Unarmed Private Investigator: $91.00
Armed Private Investigator: $141.00

Renewal Information: Every 3 years.

Private Investigator-Unarmed

Private Investigator-Armed

Continuing Education: Private Investigator-Unarmed
Sixteen (16) hours

Private Investigator-Armed
Sixteen (16) hours

Oklahoma Private Investigator Licensing

Oklahoma State requires licensing for Private Investigators, Security Guards and Agencies. 

State Licensing Authority: Oklahoma Private Investigators Association
Website: https://www.opia.com/
Email: statesec@opia.com
Phone: (405) 235-0214

Only licensed investigators can conduct investigations in Oklahoma. Licenses are only good in Oklahoma, there is no State Reciprocity.

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