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W. David Rabern

Ret. President, Consultant, Founder

W.  David Rabern, is a Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Personal Protection Specialist (PPS), Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), and a Technical Surveillance Counterintelligence Specialist (TSCM).  W.  David Rabern, CPP, PPS, CFS, is our Founder and Past President. 

Mr.  Rabern, CPP, PPS, CFS, is our founder and past President. Mr Rabern services ICS as an expert witness, qualified party private investigator, and leads our clients to better security as a Senior Consultant. As a founder and an active part of our organization, he has served ICS clients for an unparalleled 40 years.

Concurrently and prior to ICS, he has served as a Law Enforcement Officer. In addition to this, he founded several companies related to telecommunications, alarm, security and design, and protection services. His counter-espionage and counter-terrorism skills have become an ICS mainstay along with developing ICS's unique and renowned Method of Approach. Mr. Rabern has worked for nearly all of North America's Fortune-rated companies and many of their executives in a personal and professional manner.

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