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Grant Linhart

Private Investigator, ICS of Colorado

Grant Linhart is the owner, operator and licensed private investigator for International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) of Colorado for the past year and half. ICS of Colorado handles several case types and clientele ranging from law firms, insurance companies, adjusters, business owners, and private clients.

ICS of Colorado handles cases regionally and sometimes internationally. Mr. Linhart was in public safety full time for the past 14 years; encompassing Law Enforcement and Fire Service careers. Mr. Linhart was also a prior business owner in CA which handled Executive Protection and Security Consulting matters. Mr. Linhart has graduated from San Diego Miramar College, Rocky Mt. Fire Academy, Riverside Sheriff’s Academy, completed retired Secret Service Agent Joe La Sorsa's Executive Protection Training program and completed several entrepreneurial and business related courses. Mr. Linhart was a member of his departments TSU Search Team (Bomb Squad); was a certified Police Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer (FTO), both Collateral Duty. Mr. Linhart is still a member of L.A Infragard Faith Based Sector/ Sub-Group; Intermediate Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO); member of OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council); member of ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security). 

2018 Update:

Grant Linhart has been operating the Colorado office of ICS for the last 6 years.  During this time frame, Grant has grown the office to include record revenues while maintaining a high level of trustworthy service to his client's.  Clientele are broad and deep in the investigation arena, and also include some security services client's, a former State of Colorado contract, and self defense client's to round out the Colorado Office. Grant came from public safety and with combined years of service he now has 20 years of experience helping others who have no place to turn.  The Colorado office only hires team members with direct, verifiable, and competent skill sets.  Not everyone measures up.  Our client's only receive the best in what we do from everyone that works at ICS of Colorado.

Grant Linhart Office Information

ICS of Colorado (Aurora)

14901 E. Hampden Ave. #215
Aurora, Colorado 80014

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