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Private Investigator and Counterintelligence Jobs

Please Note: Due to the high volume of case intakes we cannot receive phone calls about current job openings and application status. Please direct questions regarding employment to our Facebook Fan Page at facebook.com/icsworld

ICS is seeking candidates for Private Investigator Jobs, Counterintelligence, Protection, Forensics, and Security Related Jobs. The ICS network is expansive. Resume and application submission is encouraged.

ICS is an equal opportunity employer. EEOE

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Are you seeking a career as private investigator or a detective?  Private investigator jobs are exciting, stimulating, and in demand.

We are specialists in investigative services and private investigations.  We compensate per hour, salary, and 1099. We also offer intern positions to highly motivated candidates if you are interested in becoming an investigator.

How do I become a private investigator? Submit your resume and apply for an intern position.  It's paid, you're trained, and you can make vertical transition within our company.

Are you returning from oversees or military service, or are you retiring from law enforcement? We encourage you to apply.

Employment opportunities are listed below:

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Private Investigation Jobs

Job Title Location Date Posted
ICS World Business System Licensee Application Remote 06/23/2019
Senior Investigator Case Manager Remote 06/23/2019
Case Consultant and Case Analyst Remote 06/10/2019
Private Investigator Internship Remote 06/10/2019
Qualified Party Manager Investigator Remote 06/23/2019
Experienced Private Investigator Remote 05/31/2019
Independent Contractor OR Subcontractor Remote 06/10/2019
Public Records Background Researcher Remote 05/31/2019
Security Consultant Remote 05/31/2019
Business Development and Sales Representative Remote 06/10/2019
Crime Scene Investigator Remote 06/23/2019

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