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Eavesdropping on the Rise

Date : 10/09/2008

Recent anti-terrorism legislation has opened the door for the United States government to eavesdrop on citizens, both domestic and internationally. While the lawyers and government officials debate the legality and morality of such legislation, your privacy may already be compromised. And not just by the government. New technologies providing smaller, more powerful surveillance and eavesdropping equipment are improving each and every year. In this day and age, information gathering like eavesdropping can be performed by amateurs with equipment available to civilians.

Here at International Counterintelligence Services, Inc., (ICS) the privacy and confidentiality of our clients are our concern. We provide Eavesdropping Detection Services and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. The purpose of these investigations is to locate, disable, remove and prevent methods of gathering information on our clients. If you believe you may be the subject of any type of personal, corporate or government espionage, ICS can help you determine if your suspicions are correct.

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