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Evidence of Adultery for Divorce

Date : 10/13/2011

Evidence of Adultery for Divorce

Proof of adultery can come in two different forms, and the level of proof you need depends on the laws in the state where you live. Adultery can be proven via circumstantial or direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence of a cheating spouse can be collected by a private investigator, and generally involves proving inclination and opportunity. More simply, inclination means that your spouse was inclined to engage in an extra-marital affair, for example, your husband was seen holding hands with, hugging intimately, or kissing another woman. Opportunity means that there was a legitimate chance for an affair to occur. This could be something like your wife was seen checking into a hotel with another man, and her car remained in the same place all night.

Some states require direct evidence, and even if you do not require direct evidence for divorce proceedings, many people may wish to know without a doubt whether their spouse is cheating or not. In these cases, direct evidence involves actually getting photographic or video evidence of your spouse in the act of cheating. Unlike television and movies, this is not anything as dramatic as a private investigator bursting into the room in the middle of the act. Private investigators from ICS use more subtle investigative techniques and surveillance to catch a cheater in the act. Cheating spouse private investigators at ICS work tirelessly to get you the evidence you need to move forward with your divorce and regain a little piece of mind.

ICS always offers a free consultation from a professional private investigator, so if you think your spouse is cheating, contact ICS to begin your investigation and get the proof you need. Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day and can investigate nationally and globally. To begin your free consultation, fill out a private investigator free consultation online, or call Toll Free at (800) 828-9198.

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