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ICS Can Help You Find Your Child You Gave Up for Adoption or Your Birth Parents

Date : 10/15/2015

Finding Your Birth Child:

Birth parents searching for their adopted children have many obstacles to overcome when searching on their own. Many antiquated laws and “official policy” rules and resistance can block your search and add to your emotional stress.  ICS knows how complex and emotional it can be, and we are here to make it as easy as possible for you.

The team at ICS is particularly knowledgeable about all aspects of “people search,” and will look determinedly for information in places that others who work on adoptive investigations might ignore. Using the creative discovery by our investigators can shorten your search, and be less costly than conducting the search on your own, or hiring an attorney or an adoption-oriented expert. Using our leverage as private investigators, we can collect the information quickly and discretely. Once we locate the child, we will leave it to your discretion to make the choice whether or not to contact them in your own time or have us contact them for you.
By hiring an ICS investigator, you can have your questions answered quickly by someone who is passionately dedicated to finding the answers you seek.

Finding your Birth Parents:

On the other hand, if you were the adopted child and now want to find your birth parents, but don't know where to start, ICS can help you too.

First, collect as much information about them as you can from your adoptive parents or the agency you were adopted from. See if they have your birth certificate, or other papers from the adoption that might help.
Next, contact ICS for a free consultation.  One of our licensed investigators will discuss your case and explain about our different methods for finding people, and work out an affordable plan for you.

Once we find the parents, you have a choice to contact them on your own, or we can contact them for you to see if they are interested in a reunion.

We have helped hundreds of birth families, separated through adoption, reconnect. Let us help you. Call us now at 1-800-828-9198 for a free consultation.

Services We Provide For This Case Type:

Adopted Child Locate Investigation

Birth Parent Locate Investigation

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