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ICS of Virginia Formed in ICS Licensee Program

Date : 01/19/2012

January 1, 2012 – International Counterintelligence Services, Inc. (ICS), a leading national and international investigative agency, has announced the formation of ICS of Virginia.  This announcement follows the strategic alliance created in late 2011 between ICS and the Virginia based private investigator Nelson Mateo.  ICS of Virginia is the newest addition to ICS’s innovative licensee program.  The creation of ICS of Virginia is expected to provide Virginia clients with streamlined and affordable private investigative services.

The ICS Licensee Program was launched over one year ago, and in the time since it’s conception, the program has seen a healthy growth rate spurred by the unrivaled combination of local values and national experience found in the exclusive ICS Network.  The Licensee Program has allowed ICS to provide Virginia clients with the investigative excellence associated with the ICS brand, and the clients who already have a working relationship with Nelson Mateo now have access to ICS’s unparalleled investigative resources and expertise.  ICS is proud to welcome Nelson Mateo and ICS of Virginia to the team of private investigators already working with ICS. 

ICS of Virginia
9300 Peabody Street, St. 104
Phone: (571) 229-9043
Fax: (888) 550-2922
Email: nelson.mateo@icsofvirginia.com

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