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ICS of Virginia Maintains PIAVA and PISA Membership

Date : 03/27/2012

ICS of Virginia Maintains Membership of PIAVA and PISA

March 22, 2012 - International Counterintelligence Services of Virginia (“ICS of Virginia”) and Nelson Mateo are proud members of Private Investigator’s Association of Virginia (PIAVA) and Professional Investigators and Security Association (PISA). ICS of Virginia is owned and operated by Nelson Mateo, and is a local private investigation agency formed as a part of the ICS licensee program. ICS of Virginia’s membership with PIAVA and PISA is expected to increase customer satisfaction for clients all over Virginia.

Both PIAVA and PISA provide their members, including private investigators and private investigative agencies with several valuable services. This access to exclusive services like trainings, resources, and industry tools, allows members to provide better investigative service to their clients. ICS of Virginia is able to provide clients with even better service through the use of professional investigative techniques and accurate reporting.

About ICS of Virginia

ICS of Virginia, owned and operated by Nelson Mateo, is a member of the ICS licensee program. Nelson Mateo is a licensed Virginia private investigator. ICS of Virginia can be reached at:

ICS of Virginia 9300 Peabody Street, St. 104 Phone: (571) 229-9043 Fax: (888) 550-2922 Email: nelson.mateo@icsofvirginia.com www.icsofvirginia.com

About ICS

International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) is a full service private investigation agency. ICS employs cutting edge techniques and technology to solves cases in the private, industrial, and commercial worlds. ICS has a global mission to provide investigations throughout the world, and currently serves international and regional clients.

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