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Identity Theft Case Solved By ICS of Missouri Investigator

Date : 05/21/2013

On 5/21/2013, ICS of Missouri Investigators were hired to locate an individual that had taken over the use of the client’s SSN for nearly 8 years. The subject was found in Kansas City, KS. Investigators were able to determine that the individual had purchased multiple properties, had multiple credit cards and other financial obligations under the client’s SSN. Investigators were able to locate and confront the individual and were successful at closing all accounts and working with the subject’s mortgage company and credit card companies in removing the client’s SSN.

The subject at one point was an illegal alien and has since obtained his own SSN. Because of ICS of Missouri’s efforts, the client can now begin to take action to clear his credit and bring an 8 year struggle to an end.

About ICS of Missouri

ICS of Missouri is an independently owned licensee of ICS. ICS of Missouri is owned by Mr. Jose Pineiro and is based locally out of St. Louis. Mr. Pineiro is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, Iowa and Kansas. ICS of Missouri handles investigations of any size throughout the state and accepts most case types. Contact ICS of Missouri to begin your investigation today.

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