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Kidnapping Case solved with the help of multiple ICS Offices

Date : 03/22/2013

A recent Kidnapping investigation was successfully solved cross-jurisdictionally after the hard work from dedicated ICS Investigators followed the case from Colorado to California. A 17 year old female left her mother’s house in Colorado and had been missing for nearly a month when the client retained ICS. The girl was assumed kidnapped and leads lead ICS Investigators to continue the investigation in California. ICS of Colorado extended the investigation to ICS of California where local California private investigators continued the investigation for several days on boardwalk or anywhere else that could possibly bring in additional leads.

Information acquired by the local California private investigators was enough to determine that the girl had left on her own free will and in fact was not kidnapped. The girl had left with an individual named Dionnte Paxton who had known criminal affiliations and since her disappearance had committed several felony crimes. She turns 18 next week and is currently in hiding from both her family and law enforcement in Colorado.

The client was extremely happy with the results collected by the private investigators. These results would not have been possible without the extensive resources ICS offices have with each other and throughout the country.  If you have a similar situation or case type investigation you need a private investigator for, contact ICS for a free consultation.

About ICS of Colorado

ICS of Colorado is an independently owned licensee of ICS. ICS of Colorado is owned by Mr. Linhart and is based locally out of Denver. Mr. Linhart is a private investigator in Colorado with over 6 years of experience. ICS of Colorado handles investigations of any size, throughout the state and accepts most case types. Contact ICS of Colorado to begin your investigation today.

About ICS of California

ICS of California is owned by Mark Woodward and Nestor Gomez, who work together to provide superior investigative services to residents of California. Mark Woodward has 7 years and over 15,000 hours of investigative experience. Mr. Woodward is licensed in California and has completed investigations from coast to coast, including Mexico. Nestor Gomez has over 8 years of private investigator experience in California, and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

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