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Last Minute Valentines Day Investigations

Date : 01/30/2012

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Investigations Available

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a romantic, happy holiday full of gifts and pampering, but if your partner is cheating, you might have a less than perfect day.   Making Valentine’s Day special requires extra emphasis and effort, it is often a time that cheaters slip up or let their guard down as they try to impress both you and their lover on the side.  If you have noticed your partner or spouse acting strange or unenthusiastic about the holiday, or have noticed suspicious purchases on your joint credit or debit cards, you may need a private investigation.  

It is important not to jump the gun in this situation by confronting or accusing your partner too soon.  Many people choose Valentine’s Day to propose to their girlfriends, and their nervousness may be the cause of their strange behavior or unexplained purchases.  By expressing your concerns openly with them too soon in this type of situation, you may cause permanent damage to your relationship.  If your partner really is cheating, it can also be a mistake to reveal how much you know before you have solid and undeniable evidence.

Private investigations are discrete, so you can have a private investigator from ICS conduct an infidelity investigation without your partner ever knowing.  This way, you an get the information you need before you move forward.  The peace of mind gained by finding out your partner is not unfaithful will help strengthen and build your relationship.  If your investigation reveals that your spouse is cheating, you will have the evidence required in case you wish to move forward with legal proceedings.

You deserve to know the truth if you have even the slightest suspicions about your partner’s faithfulness.  Call ICS today to speak with one of our certified private investigators during your free consultation.  It isn’t too late to have an investigation started.  ICS practices the highest standards of discretion, and we provide our clients with timely and accurate reporting of all our findings.  ICS can be reached 24 hours a day on our Toll Free line at (800) 828-9198, or by submitting an online consultation form.

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