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Reasons For Hiring A Private Investigator

Date : 10/23/2015

Reasons for Hiring A Private Investigator

Well Documented Solid Evidence

Most investigators log and document everything they see and do when working a case.  Licensed private investigator's videos and photos are admissible as evidence in court. They also get witnesses to obtain statements, and conduct public record searches that can help an argument in court.


Nothing compares to hands-on experience. The knowledge attained by a private investigator in the course of just their first month of employment will probably equal or exceed what most people will learn in a lifetime.

Legal Knowledge and Compliance

All actions that Investigators perform on a case must be able to stand up in a court of law, even if the case doesn’t go to court. Investigators know the law pertaining to investigations and they understand how to effectively conduct surveillance and research legally. Most private investigators come from a legal or law enforcement background including police, federal law enforcement, state intelligence, or military intelligence.

Most states require investigators to be licensed to operate in that particular state. A licensed investigator is cognizant of the laws of the state and will know which methods and tools he can legally use for surveillance so that the evidence submitted is admissible in court.

Courtroom Experience

Most investigators have experience testifying for their client in court. They can help represent your case in a professional manner with good, hard evidence.

Talent and Skill

One of the greatest advantages of using a licensed private investigator is his or her ability to conduct an assignment, clandestinely. Also, investigators have access to databases and other information which is generally unavailable to the public and they have the skills and expertise needed to dig through data and find the truth. A private investigator can do all this safely and discreetly without others knowing what they are up to.


Most investigators keep their equipment updated with the most recent products on the market to get you the best results possible. Good PI gear has high price tags and steep learning curves.

Collecting electronic evidence such as emails and databases can be tricky. Most users think if they delete information from their computer or phone it is gone and they are safe. However, electronic files are hardly ever deleted in a way that makes them unrecoverable, and private investigators are skilled in analyzing and recovering files from areas where most individuals wouldn’t know to look.

Professional Peril

Investigators are trained in how to handle themselves in the event that they are detected or confronted. People don’t like being investigated. Criminals like it even less. If an operation gets blown, investigators have the defensive mechanisms needed to protect themselves.

Peace of Mind

If you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you, you can hire a private investigator to find out the truth. Suspicions can lead to trust issues in a relationship, even if the other person is completely innocent. The same goes for if you are entering into a business venture and want due diligence of the parties involved. A private investigator can put your mind at ease, or if the worst is discovered they will be able to give you proper evidence which you can then take action on.

Time and Patience

A PI must often be as patient as a military sniper to get the information that will make the case. He puts in the time needed to accomplish effective surveillance which could last 12 or more hours until the target moves.


A client's identity, along with what an investigator does on their behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential. This includes high level individuals such as top executives and government officials.

Bonded and Insured

Most licensing authorities now require that an Investigative Agency maintain a bond and insurance coverage. The protection is there for you, so any potential consequences rests with the private investigator and not the client.

Drawbacks of Hiring a Private Investigator

While it is highly recommended you hire a private investigator for your case, many people don't hire them based on the money and possible results.  

Good Private Investigators are Expensive

Depending on your location, complexity of the work and expertise of the private investigator, fees typically range from $40 to $200 per hour in the United States. You also have to take into account added costs for gas, hotels and any charges like government recording/filing fees or lab tests.

Beware of hiring "cheap" investigators to cut costs, as you will probably get what you pay for....a cheap job. It is not in your best interest to hire someone just because you can afford them. Good investigations come at a price and should be looked at as an investment.

There Are No Guarantees

Sometimes an investigation proves to be highly successful and worth every penny spent, but sometimes it doesn’t benefit a case at all and can you can be left feeling like your money was not well spent.

Reasons You Should Not Perform Investigations Yourself

What it really comes down to is that there are just too many pitfalls involved – from inadvertently tipping off the other party to conducting some form of surveillance that you had no idea was illegal. There are laws that prohibit surveillance of computers, and there are restrictions on how private financial information can be obtained. It is best to leave the investigating to the professionals.

Also, if you are not a licensed investigator, there is a good chance your photos and videos will not be allowed as evidence in court. It is also a crime to impersonate yourself as a private investigator and you could be charged with stalking if caught doing so.

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