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Signs That Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Date : 10/02/2015

Have you noticed changes in your spouse’s mood, work schedule or need for privacy lately? These can be caused by a number of reasons, such as financial troubles or he/she may have just found out they have a medical condition. But if they are healthy financially and medically, it is more likely that they are having an affair.
Do you suspect your spouse may be cheating on you? View the list below of the different signs that can warn you that your spouse may be cheating:

1)    Work Habits Change
  • They begin working late, going to work at odd hours, or putting in more time than usual at work.
  • They start to discourage you from calling them at work.
  • They are often “unavailable” when you try to call them at work.
  • They take more “business” trips and may even refuse to let you drive them to the airport.

2)    Sudden Need for Privacy
  • Things the two of you used to share openly suddenly becomes private.
  • They may start password protecting their computer and cell phone.
  • They will not allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room.

3)     Increase in Time Spent on the Computer
  • They are online more than usual, or stay up late to “play a game” finish something for "Work" on the computer after you go to bed.
  • They password protect their laptop or computer to keep out suspicious eyes.
  • They erase their "history" after each late-night session.

4)    Secretive Phone Calls and Texting
  • They hang up suddenly when you enter the room or erase the history on the cell phone and become defensive when asked about it.
  • They answer calls in another room or whisper on the phone.
  • They won't allow you to look at or use their cell phone, and they do anything to make sure their cell phone is never answered by you.
  • They become secretive about their cell phone and it is with them 24/7, and they are on it talking or texting more than usual.

5)    Behavior Just Doesn't Add Up
  • Not being where they were expected to be.
  • Not wearing their wedding ring and making lame excuses as to why.
  • Missing time they can't explain
  • Being caught in little lies regarding the details of their day.
  • They may start to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to ease their conscience and justify their affair. 
  • They are reluctant to kiss you or accept your affection, especially in public.
  • They constantly ask about your schedule, wanting to know where you’ll be and when you'll be home
  • They sleep on the couch for no reason.

6)    Decreased Attention Span
  • They suddenly become forgetful and you often have to repeat yourself, and their thoughts are often elsewhere.
  • They suddenly start completely ignoring you -OR- they suddenly begin to treat you extremely nice… more so than usual.
  • They lose attention in the children/home activities and seem forgetful, distracted or like they just don’t care.
  • They are always tired or show a lack of energy or interest in things they used to enjoy.

7)    Desire For Separate Social Life
  • They avoid attending social events with you, as if they want to cover up that they are with you.
  • They encourage you to have a social life and go out with friends or go out of town for getaways.
  • They sometimes act like they are trying to get you out of the house.
  • They start to spend more time "with the guys" or a "depressed" friend.

8)    Change in Hygiene
  • They have worn the same fragrance for years, and suddenly they are wearing something new and wearing a lot more than usual.
  • They arrive home and head straight into the shower or bath, and they work an office job.
  • Their clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume or after-shave.
  • They are pickier about how they dress or look when they go out.
  • They begin to make excessive purchases of clothes or suddently change their clothing style.

9)    Change in Sexual Behavior
  • They are no longer interested in sex, or they make excuses for its infrequency.
  • They start to request kinky or other erotic sexual activity that you’ve never done before.
  • They want to start watching porn together.
  • They show you a new position during sex that they "read about".
  • They suddenly want more sex, more often.
and last but not least,
10)    Your Gut Instinct
  • If you find yourself looking for excuses for your spouse's behavior or you're trying to convince yourself that they would never cheat, then that is a BIG warning sign. Your intuition is frequently one of the best indicators that something is wrong and in your gut you know it.

If you notice that many of the items on the above list match the behavior of your spouse, there is a very good chance your spouse is cheating. Not knowing if your spouse is cheating can really wear emotionally and physically on you. But, married individuals who are victims of cheating do have legal recourse in the form of divorce, and sometimes, civil penalties depending on the state. We at ICS know you deserve better than to have to live with cheating and lying. Step away from the uncertainty today and move toward the empowering insight of the truth. When it comes to cheating relationships and affairs, our team employs the most advanced technologies and the most modern, scientific techniques to efficiently and quickly bring any unfaithful behavior to your attention. Call ICS for a free consultation today at 1-800-828-9198 to find the truth and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing what is really going on.

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