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Valentine's Causes Emotional Carnage for Private Investigator Clients in Colorado

Date : 02/14/2015

Channel 9 News in Denver Colorado interviewed Private Investigator Grant Linhart, President of ICS Colorado, for a feature story they were doing regarding the increase of infidelity Investigations around Valentine’s Day. “Forget flowers and chocolates for valentine’s day”, the news reporter begins, “all some people want to know is if their significant other is cheating.”

The news story goes on to explain that infidelity cases make up about 40% of Linhart’s work load and greatly increases around Valentine’s day. “For the past couple years,” Linhart explained, “the days and weeks surrounding Valentine’s day have become one of the best times of the year to catch cheaters.” “Sometimes people actually do go with their spouse on Valentine’s day, and then the girlfriends or boyfriends fall before or after”, Linhart continued.

Linhart and his crew regularly use hidden cameras and GPS Tracking devices for infidelity cases. The news reporter goes on to say, “With infidelity investigations, it’s not always bad news investigators give to clients; about half of those cases turn out to be nothing.” “Knowing is usually the biggest thing they want”, Linhart says, “They want to know one way or the other.” The reporter ends the feature segment by saying “While it’s never easy to tell a victim of infidelity they’ve been cheated on, Linhart says he takes comfort in knowing that often times his clients move on to better situations.”

About ICS of Colorado

ICS of Colorado, an independently owned licensee of ICS, is owned by Mr. Grant Linhart and is based locally out of Denver. Mr. Linhart is a private investigator in Colorado and handles investigations of any size, throughout the state and accepts most case types.

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