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Valentines Day Investigations

Date : 02/10/2009

Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, and you probably have plans to spend it with your loved one doing something romantic. Maybe there will even be a proposal waiting for you, or a nice gift along with those roses. Unfortunately, there may be someone else getting a gift and roses, and your lover may be cheating on you.

Valentine's Day is a tricky day for cheaters to get through. They will have to balance their relationship along with their affair, and doing so often leads to clues and mistakes that makes it obvious they are not faithful. Credit card statements reflecting unknown purchases, missing and unaccountable time periods, unavailability to answer the phone... could all be signs that your spouse or mate is committing infidelity.

It is important that you do not blow the whistle too soon, however, as that strange purchase on the credit card could be a surprise engagement ring that you have been waiting for... or that gift that you just haven't had the money to buy yet. It could be a disaster to act without having all the facts. Maybe you have your suspicions, but are you sure? Do you want to risk ruining a good thing, which could have been even better, simply because you were afraid and suspicious?

In many cases, as ICS has seen in the past, the best course of action is to hire a private investigator to discover the facts and details that you are missing, to make the best, informed decision. It is possible that your lover is cheating on you, but it is also possible that something else is going on. Even if they are cheating on you, revealing everything you know without solid facts can put you in an even worse situation, since they know what information you found that they mistakenly allowed you to see. In such a case, it will be harder to find evidence in the future because they are learning from their mistakes.

A private investigator can provide evidence and facts to provide proof or alleviate suspicion and make your life easier and more enjoyable. If you think you may be the victim of an unfaithful lover, contact ICS now to begin your case before Valentine's Day begins.

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