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Paper: Why perform Pre-Employment Screening?

Date : 01/25/2006

A pre-employment background check takes the guesswork out of the hiring process, by giving undeniable evidence of the applicant or employee’s past track record. The ESP can provide you concrete facts about the applicant, including: identity information, previous addresses, current address, licenses, civil records, criminal activities, driving records, past employment verifications, and much more. Considering that the majority of resumes are incorrect, or purposely falsified just to get the job, having concrete information improves the hiring process and increases safety in the work environment.
•    Informed Hiring Decisions
•    Lower Internal Loss
•    Lower Employee Turnover Cost
•    Lower Liability
If you wish to utilize the services of the Employee Screening Program, fill out the online free consultation form found at the top of this page, or call our 24 hour, Toll Free line.

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