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Disabled Veteran Scam Exposed Via Background Investigation

Have you ever met someone online and sent money only to find out you were being scammed? That’s what happened in this next case study where the Subject pretended to be a disabled veteran and coerced thousands of dollars from our Client’s unsuspecting daughter, taking advantage of her kindness.

Details of the Case:

We were approached by a Client who was worried that his daughter was being scammed online and ICS was hired to investigate the matter. To conduct this case we thoroughly interviewed our Client and his daughter to find out everything relevant to a suspected scammer known as “Alex Stafani” who was a supposed USMC veteran who had been to Iraq. The natural first step was to search for the name…but nothing came up…it was fake. Upon further conversations with the Client the Subject’s real name was revealed and we began conducting numerous checks on the new name that was provided. That’s when we finally got somewhere. Upon conducting an extensive background check of the Subject, there was no record found of prior service. However, the Subject did live in Yuma, Arizona, which is home to US Marine base. It was likely there that the Subject came up with the elaborate story to con naïve young women who’s kindness we could take advantage of.

Digging deeper, we found that the Subject had a long record of criminal charges which included theft and burglary. As a result, we concluded that scamming our Client’s young daughter of money was just another list of transgressions to be added to this Subject’s extensive criminal transgressions. Additionally, we found addresses and email addresses associated with the Subject that effectively proved to the Client that the person his daughter was speaking to was indeed an imposter and was scamming money from the daughter. This information coupled with no evidence of military service effectively sealed the case.

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This case was especially rewarding for us because we were able to expose a scanner that preys on the innocent. Does this sound familiar to you? Contact us today for more information and see how ICS can help you conduct a background check on any suspicious individuals that you may have come across.

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