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Missing Child Investigation Case Study

Susan has spent the last 15 years worrying and wondering about her lost son Kevin.

Susan’s son Kevin suddenly disappeared in 1996 after attending his grandmother’s funeral. No one knew what had happened to him and no one knew if he was still alive. Susan had his social security number but could not afford to pay for an investigation to locate her missing child. That is when Susan got in touch with Jeremy Bloom's Wish of a Lifetime program with the wish to simply to know if he was dead or alive. 

Jeremy Bloom's Wish of a Lifetime   contacted Bill Lee of ICS to help track down Susan’s missing son. Bill Lee conducted a missing child investigation and found her son, who is currently living in Baltimore. This year on Susan’s birthday, Kevin contacted her and told her that he was doing fine. Since their initial phone call in September, they have spoken several times. Susan now has a phone number and address for Kevin and Kevin is planning to come to Colorado to visit his mother soon. 

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