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10 signs your spouse may be cheating

Author : Michael Date : 01/22/2019 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

10 Signs your spouse may be cheating

Cheater Pic

1. Changes in Sex Life

The old saying is typically true “If they’re not getting it at home, they’re getting it somewhere”. Humans need connection and intimacy in relationships, and if you notice less intimacy and affection in your relationship, something may be fishy.

2. Suspicious Phone Behavior

Many signs can be given by a user’s cell phone usage. If someone acts strange when it comes to their cellphone this can be a telling clue. Do they regularly spend more time on the phone than what they did in the past? Do they have to constantly step out to take phone calls? Do they hide their screen when typing or receiving a text message? Do they suddenly hang up their phone when you enter the room or erasing their call history? These are just some tell-tale signs of suspicious behavior.

3. Always on the computer

This especially applies to daters of today, because we are living in a technology heavy age. An affair with someone else can just be a click away on a website. 20 years ago people never had to worry about websites such as Ashley Madison that is entirely for cheaters. The digital age is here, and that means affairs can happen online more than they previously did in the past.

4. Odd Banking activity

Some obvious signs of banking activity would be charges from hotels, charges from a florist for flowers, charges of jewelry, dating sites may sometimes charge you, and also if your spouse refuses to show you their statements. This may be a red flag that they’re hiding something.

5. Body Language

Body language can do a lot to tell you about a person. If a person avoids eye contact with you frequently could be a sign that they are lying. Is your partner showing less PDA (Public Display of Affection) than they previously did? This could be a sign that something may be up.

6. Gets defensive

Do they get extremely defensive if you just ask a question that may insinuating that they’re cheating? People tend to get defensive and argumentative when they feel guilty or are doing something wrong. If you ask a question, do they try to reverse the question to relating back to you? Often times the guilty party will try to make you feel guilty for something that THEY are doing.

7. Change of habits

You ever notice that you spouse is spending more time out with their friends, or are they spending more time grooming themselves or making more of an effort to look better? Are there work habits changing and out of nowhere becoming longer? Work excuses are great excuses for long blocks of time that someone has to be missing. Not saying that all of these are bad things but when a person goes out of their way to do these things it could be a red flag.

8. Less time and attention given

Another major sign that your spouse may be cheating is if you find yourself spending less and less time together. Out of nowhere they have to suddenly start working longer hours at the office. They stop noticing you or the attempts you make to get their attention. Always coming up with some excuse to not spend time with you over the weekend.

9. Friends warning you

Sometimes your friends and colleagues may be spot on with what is going on with your spouse. Your friends and family may notice cues of their cheating ways long before you notice, sometimes a 2nd perspective can be helpful.

10. Gut instinct

Sometimes are own instincts can be spot on when it comes to infidelity. If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating then you may be in the right to believe that. You above anyone else will know your spouse better than anyone else. If you need help in finding that proof don’t be afraid to reach out to a private investigator for help.

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