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can an private investigator help find my birth parents

Author : Michael Date : 02/04/2019 Category : Private Investigation Comment : 0

Can a Private Investigator help you find your birth parents?

Typical reasons for looking for birth parents

There may be numerous for an individual to want to find their birth parent. They may want to find answers, locate their ancestral background, understand their biological family, understand why they were adopted or abandoned, the circumstances vary. Each case instance varies from person to person and that individuals goals vary. Seeking answers to these questions can create interest in an individual, but it must be noted that the process of finding birth family members is not easy. Research shows that over 50% of those who have been adopted or have no connection with their birth parents will try to seek them. One of the most popular reasons for a person looking is typically to find their birth parents, they’re just looking to psychologically close that chapter in their lives. The chapter may include finding answers of why they could not raise them, why did they give them up, or any various reasons but these issues could affect a person for a long time in their adult hood. This emotional journey and process can be tedious and live with you forever so a person searching for closure can be understanding.

Why use a PI

The time and effort of finding the information on your birth parents alone may of course save you money but time and accuracy will be lacking. Sometimes the process could be as simple and easy as putting in a google search or searching for their name on Facebook, but the majority of the time finding ones’ birth parents takes deep investigative search skills. Investigators have the experience and expertise to save you the time and headache to find this person yourself. Typically, investigators have more access to information, databases and other materials that normal citizens do not have. A private investigator will track your parents down and bring you the results you need and help you get in contact. When that time comes, an individual should always be prepared to let go of the idea they may have imagined of their birth parents being, this never leads to a happy ending and most of the times our expectations in our mind can never be met.

What to look for in an investigator

With all Private investigations cases a PI can not always guarantee 100% success but the chances of success are much higher when using an expert investigator. Before even going into this agreement certain goals and expectations should be explained beforehand to prevent confusion and make sure that we are on the same page to achieve success. You need to make sure that hire the right private investigator to accomplish this goal for you. ICS is the company for you, we only hire the best private investigators who are licensed and have the right connections to reach places others can’t. An ICS investigator will utilize databases, search engines, and various other avenues to create success.

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