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Ex Husband Suspected of Installing Spyware

A concerned mother contacted ICS worried that her daughter's estranged ex-husband was using malicious software to spy on her daughter's activities and whereabouts.


A concerned mother contacted ICS worried that her daughter's estranged ex-husband was using malicious software to spy on her daughter's activities and whereabouts. This ex-husband had an active restraining order placed against him and had made threats to the daughter and stated he was watching her. The mother believed he had placed spyware on her daughter's iPhone 3G allowing him access to her messages and GPS location information. She also feared that he had installed spyware on her daughter's computer giving him access to her personal files and accounts. Concerned for her daughter's safety, the mother contacted ICS to determine what she could discover through a private investigation. She received a free consultation with an ICS private investigator in regards to the capabilities and results possible with an ICS computer and cell phone forensic investigation.


Forensic investigators with ICS captured an image of the hard disk memory on both the personal computer and iPhone 3G. These images were analyzed at the ICS computer forensic lab in Scottsdale, Arizona. ICS technicians discovered no malicious software or spyware on the iPhone 3G, putting to rest the client's concerns over that device. However, ICS forensic investigators did find a remote access program active on the personal computer. This program was installed and run in the computers operating system startup script, and could allow access to an outside party. The investigation showed that this program had no yet been used, but was recently activated, suggesting there may have been a possible security breach imminent. ICS disabled the program and removed it from the operating system's startup script. The client was provided with a detailed report of the contents of both devices and information regarding what changes had been made to the software profiles over the last year. ICS forensic investigators educated the client on simple techniques to maintain the security of thier media devices in the future. The ICS computer forensic team provided the client with peace of mind and the comfort of knowing the truth.

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