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Locating a Violent Criminal for Process Serving Proceedings

A Subject with an extensive rap sheet was threatening the lives of the employees of a property company. ICS was tasked with finding the Subject’s address for process serving purposes and to deliver a Protection Order.

Background of the Case:

The victims in this case were all employees of the same company who were being threatened online by one employee’s ex-boyfriend. The Subject we were investigating was thought to be mentally unstable and was making threats against the company because of the history he had with his ex-girlfriend, the executive assistant of the Property Company. The owner of the company feared for his life and the life of his employees and wanted a protection order issued against the Subject until a hearing was under way.

What ICS Did:

We first conducted an administrative address locate of the violent Subject with the intent to serve him a Protection Order upon completion. ICS also conducted an extensive background check of the subject and we found a long list of criminal charges against the Subject including Assault, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest and Theft. We also found his current registered address for the resulting process serving. The Subject was served a Protection Order shortly thereafter because of the threats made to the Client and the Client’s company.

Need Help?

This type of case is especially rewarding to us because ICS had the chance to help innocent people who were being victimized by a violent criminal. Do you have a similar case and need help? Contact us now.

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