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Social Media Investigation Case Study

In this particular case our Client was concerned that negative information about his wife and himself were being spread through social media. ICS conducted a social media investigation to find out the truth.

Case Background Information:

Before calling ICS, our Client had been receiving disparaging remarks from strangers, business relations from the past had stopped providing service, newspapers were being stolen from his home, and people were driving by the family home, yelling things at the family. Because of this crazy and unexplained behavior our Client believed that there must be something that someone was communicating via the internet to the neighbors that was causing people to act out towards his family. That’s where we come in.

What ICS Did:

During the course of the upcoming social media investigation, multiple database searches and various online searches were conducted in an attempt to locate any and all websites, forums, posts, social discussions, images, or videos referencing the Client and his wife. All major social media outlets were investigated in an attempt to find anything that would point to why the Client and his family were being harassed. A due diligence search was also conducted by ICS that utilized all of the information provided by the Client that included but weren't limited to our Client's first name, last name, age, race, gender, current/past employers, and current physical address. The Client’s wife’s name and information was also used for search purposes. Additionally, our Client also provided the individual name(s) whom the negative comments may have stemmed from.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

The results of the social media investigation yielded no discoveries in regards to negative entries made on any social media platform or any internet site. Due to the nature of the Client's current situation and the fact that he was being shouted at by drivers as they pass; an (8) hour period of surveillance was recommended to possibly document/record the license plates of any and all vehicles that commit such future acts in attempt to identify the drivers and file harassment charges. We are still awaiting a response.

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