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Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations

Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations: Blackballing, or blacklisting, is the practice of a person or party excluding another person or party from a certain event, place, or social circle without just cause. Blacklisting may be done against an individual or against an entire group of people. If you have been blacklisted, let ICS help you find out why!

Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations

Since blacklisting is rarely a blatant practice, the person or party being blacklisted often does not know that this is happening, which makes it difficult to prove, and difficult to find the source. The longer that a person waits to pursue a blacklisting claim, the less chance that the claim will be proven.

Blackballing for Jobs:

Blacklisting may occur in a variety of places. In the employment sector, blacklisting might include refusing to hire people that fall under a certain category. Employers may also terminate an employee because of his political, religious, or social beliefs. Former employers may attempt to blacklist an employee as he tries to seek a new position. This may be done through gestures or tone of voice during reference contacts, or even by direct slander, which involves talking badly about a person or spreading vicious rumors.

Medical Blacklisting:

Patients might experience blacklisting in the medical field, particularly those who have been seeking attention for a lengthy medical problem. Some doctors may not return phone calls or may refuse to see a patient because of the patient’s history. Mentally and chronically ill patients may be blacklisted due to the involvement of their medical cases. Also, a patient who has previously sued a doctor may be blacklisted by other doctors because of the lawsuit. While not ethical, medical blacklisting does happen.

One of the most famous cases of blacklisting in American history occurred in the 1940’s, just after World War II. The House on Un-American Activities Committee began investigating some of Hollywood’s most famous actors and screenwriters, suspecting that they were involved in communist activity. These investigations ruined numerous careers and caused undue pain on those falsely accused.

Blacklisting is a form of discrimination. Many people are discriminated against because of the color of their skin or their political background or views. Others are discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. These people may also be blacklisted for these same reasons. Someone who a person may have upset in the past may also blacklist them as a retaliatory effort.

Though illegal under a variety of statutes, blacklisting can be difficult to prove, and the longer that a person waits to pursue legal action, the smaller of a chance that it can be detected. Yet blacklisting can be proven if the investigation is done quickly and aggressively, so time is of the essence. The prompt and efficient investigators at ICS can help you get to the root of the problem.

If you suspect that you have been blacklisted, do not confront the person or party on your own, as this could lead to an even worse outcome. Instead, begin an investigation immediately. Our private investigators are trained to handle blacklisting cases, and they have the resources to do so. The sooner that you seek professional help with your claim from ICS, the better the chance of proving your case.


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(REDACTED) commented 657 days ago
I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I am being blacklisted by my former employer. I got hired at a new facility, they told me to come in for work and the manager explained that they hired someone else. When I asked why, her response was that they gave me a bad reference. Mind you I put blood, sweat, and tears into this place and worked (REDACTED) of over time in a matter of 4 and a half months. This is so wrong!!
Steven commented 877 days ago
After having been forced out of my last steady job, I have been unable to get many interviews despite constantly submitting resumes. There have been a few instances where things looked good, only to suddenly reverse course and result in rejection. I can't even get interviewed for temporary positions!
Luis commented 953 days ago
I am blacklisted for some company especial for the last 4 years. i need all that information and how mach is.please
Ron L. commented 1240 days ago
Blacklisting is illegal in many states; however, the penalty is typically a misdemeanor and $250 fine. Not much of a deterrent!
(Redacted) commented 1528 days ago
My whole family is blackballing me. A cousin and Uncle who was a law enforcer started lies. I am scared
William L. commented 1673 days ago
Blacklisting is illegal in the State Of Montana....
Susan commented 1777 days ago
What would be the cost of an investigation? I think I would have a good case although I cannot afford an investigation at this time.
Odis commented 2024 days ago
ive been severly injured in my line of work , blacklisting, Rico, Civil Rico, Discrimination, Attempted Murder, False Imprisionment, Fraud(realestate) Forced Bankrupsy and Divorce Domestic terrorism Please help Call (Redacted)
Odis commented 2024 days ago
ive been severly injured in my line of work , blacklisting, Rico, Civil Rico, Discrimination, Attempted Murder, False Imprisionment, Fraud(realestate) Domestic terrorism
msmith commented 2066 days ago
I blew th whistle on a nurse having RELATIONS with an inmate, then was locked out of facility on a fake report with my name forged now with 17 yrs nurse exp, I cant get a job!

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