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Personal Protection

Hire professional, personal protection personnel from ICS when you need protection services.

We at ICS provide personal protection at its best. Our highly trained agents will work to keep you out of harms way without throwing kicks, karate chops, or shooting guns like bodyguards do in the movies. Our job is to keep you away from danger rather than put you in situations where you will be in harm’s way. Discretion is the name of the game, not theatrics.

Yes, our personal protection agents are highly trained fighters and will defend you aggressively. But, the safest approach for all is a holistic approach where we implement safety precautions in each and every one of your daily activities. With this approach, you will be much safer overall.

The ICS approach includes much more than just physical protection. Our experienced agents have diverse backgrounds that might include police, government, or military experience. Although these backgrounds might include physical protection, our professional’s knowledge and understanding of technology are what will make the difference to you, in addition to their many years of experience. ICS professionals only use the best in technology to protect you, including video surveillance, information systems countermeasures, wireless alarm systems, technical counter-surveillance, and more.

ICS professionals will make the difference in your safety, night and day.


We at ICS provide a myriad of personal protection services to fit your needs of you, you and your family, or you and your corporation, here in the United States or around the world.

Among the services that we offer are:

  • Discrete Personal and Family Protection at Home, at Work, and in Public
  • CEO, VIP and Executive Protection
  • Witness Protection
  • Use of Private Planes
  • Defensive and Offensive Driving, Motorcades, and Escort Driving
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Workplace Violence Protection
  • Threat Assessment and Procedures
  • Yacht and Aircraft Protection and Security
  • Home Security


With today’s threats of terrorism and increases in crime rates, living and working safely at home and abroad has become much more complicated. This increase in the number of threats goes hand in hand with an increased demand for personal security. In addition to simply getting security, it is important to get security from professionals who know how to balance your needs for protection, your need for discretion, and your need to have a semblance of a “normal” life for. ICS has the manpower, the technology, and the experience to balance and fulfill these needs for you. Our professionals also have the experience and know-how to put their feet down to keep you safe. Rest assured that if our agents tell you that there is a threat, there really IS a threat.

Our professional agents will lend all of their skills and experience so that you can concentrate on your business and you and your family can spend less time worrying about your safety. Our security personnel will handle matters for you confidentially, quickly, and professionally.

ICS professional protection services will keep you safe. The longer that you delay calling us, the more you and your family are at risk. Call us now.

You can depend on ICS for your safety.

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