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Internet Defamation of Character

The Internet is a very powerful tool, but occasionally it is used as a method of spreading false and libelous claims against innocent people. Most websites have rules regulating how their website may be used and the type of material people are allowed to post, but unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for websites to monitor every post.


Internet harassment, libel, and slander are more common than many people might think, and anyone can find themselves the victim of unwanted Internet attention. A schoolteacher who found herself in exactly this position, being harassed through several websites, recently hired ICS. When the client discovered that several blogging and social networking sites contained malicious and false information about her, she was unable to learn anything more on her own, beyond that the blogs had been posted by an anonymous user. The client feared that the written attacks against her had come at a particularly bad time, as she had just switched jobs to a new school and feared her employer would find the websites and believe the lies being told about her.

In this case, it was impossible to mistake the client as the object of the claims, as even her middle name was listed on the websites. The websites used for sharing this information were contacted by ICS and made aware of the claims being made and their effect on the client’s right to work. All websites were generous and amiable about removing the content.


One of the websites was able to provide ICS with the IP address of the original poster, but the address was too old to trace without further action. Even though the IP address could not be actively traced, the server and service provider information was given to the client. With this information, the client was able to seek legal representation, who in turn was able to force the service provider to hand over the user account information for prosecution.

Ultimately, ICS and the client’s legal representation were able to work together to learn the identity of the Internet poster, who turned out to be a disgruntled student from several years prior. By hiring ICS, the teacher was able to eliminate harmful content from the Internet, protect and restore her identity, and obtain legal recourse for the damages done to her.

What to do Next

Clients in need of an Internet harassment investigation can experience a variety of situations, including:

  • Internet harassment through libel or slander
  • Internet stalking, often referred to as “creeping”
  • Internet fraud or Internet identity theft

If you are the victim of Internet harassment, please do not hesitate to contact ICS today for your free consultation. ICS can be contacted via our free consultation form online, or you can call us Toll Free at (800) 828-9198. Take the first step toward your goals by starting your investigation with ICS today.

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