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Employee Screening Programs

Employee Screening Programs: The key to a qualified, productive workforce is professional employee screening. Fraud, embezzlement, kickbacks, industrial espionage and theft usually involve someone working from the inside. Have you done everything in your power to protect your human resources and assets?

The Employee Screening Program (ESP) from International Counterintelligence Services (ICS) can help you implement pre-screening and pre-employment screening for due diligence. This program allows any hiring manager to access background information on applicants, candidates and current employees, for a variety of reasons, including annul audits. Informed hiring decisions result in a higher quality workforce, which is the foundation of any successful organization.

Through our network of sources located throughout the world, we provide information that saves our clients millions of dollars in employee turnover costs, internal loss, and negligent hiring litigation. We offer:

  • FAST Turnaround
  • Professionally Managed Service
  • Customized Screening Programs
  • Easy-to-Read Clear Reports
  • Cost-effective Results
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • International Coverage
  • Specialized Background Services

If you are responsible for hiring people to work for and represent your company, then you have a responsibility to avoid negligent hiring. From reducing high turnovers to limiting fraud, a pre-employment screening program will help reduce or eliminate many of the risks associated with not doing pre-employment screening.

We are specialists at serving the needs of security departments, human resource departments, and small business operators. We also work with security management organizations and private consultants inside and outside the ICS network. By utilizing a full range of resources, ICS can compile a full profile on applicants, using any or all of these services:

  • International Records
  • Public Records
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Personal Reference Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Credentials Verification
  • Security Interviewing
  • Field Verification Interviews
  • Annual Auditing
  • E-Form I-9 and E-Verify Services

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