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Skip Tracing to Find People

Skip Tracing to Find People: Generally, skip tracing is to find people who may not be in harm's way and typically need to be found to collect a debt or be sought for questioning regarding a transaction or event. Many times it is collection-related; however, in some circumstance we complete skip tracing investigations and find people to resolve missing assets.

What is the difference between Missing Persons, Skip Tracing, and Location Investigations?

We Find People For Skip Trace:

  • Skip Tracing for Collections
  • Skip Tracing for Transaction
  • Skip Tracing for Lost Assets

Witness Skip Tracing for Interviews and Statements

Witnesses sometimes are hard to locate to interview or obtain statements. They may exist and you may not be aware of their knowledge of a specific incident. The ICS investigator has special insight into techniques of locating, finding, and obtaining statements from witnesses of this type. Locating and taking a statement from witnesses is a very objective process; it is important that the interviewer be aware of tactics to deceive, mislead or confuse.

We understand the varying needs of our clients. We keep you informed step-by-step. Clients are assigned their own investigators who remain available to answer your questions anytime via email. We believe in building long-term relationships.

Multiple Skip Tracing Requests:

It can be a very frustrating task to skip-trace an individual. A lot of time can be wasted trying to repetitively skip trace people. We offer a simple productivity shift, by having a specialist complete two phases of the locating process. First, we search for data or Information. Secondly, we rely on a field investigator’s method of operation. With these two tracks, we can solve even the most difficult skip tracing assignments. When someone does not want to be found, that does not mean they cannot be skipped.

Through our network of investigators throughout the country, we have full nationwide coverage and special regional coverage. With such resources we understand that you need the answers to your questions quickly. Our turn-around time is two days to two weeks, possibly depending on the complexity of your request. When you place your request you have a dependable, expected time frame for completion.

Pricing and Cost:

  • Clear Competitive Pricing
  • Clear Anticipation of Case Expenses
  • No Minimum
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Confidential Reporting

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