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If you need a Florida private investigator in Miami, the professionals private investigators with ICS are ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need. ICS and its diverse talent solution have been helping people in Miami just like you get results since 1967.

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International Counterintelligence Services of Florida provides Miami and Bal Harbour with affordable and discreet private investigations. International Counterintelligence Services of Florida is a member of ICS that specializes in bringing vast international resources and solid local values to clients throughout Florida.  We use tried and true investigative techniques and cutting edge technology to conduct accurate, affordable, and discreet investigations, no matter how large or small the case may be.  Our broad national and global presence allows us to provide professional investigations around the world.  Miami is only one area that our licensed private investigators can serve; we also conduct investigations in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Tallahassee, Pelican Bay, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, North Beach, and more. 

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We accepts most case types and conducts investigations across the globe.  International Counterintelligence Services of Florida services the entire state, accommodating clients that live in Florida, and those who live elsewhere but need an investigation in Florida.  International Counterintelligence Services only works with qualified private investigators and sub-contractors, as a part of our company mission to provide excellent service to every client.  We can keep your investigation affordable, confidential, and efficient.   International Counterintelligence Services of Florida is there for you when you need to catch a cheating spouse or partner, locate a missing or lost person, find a birth-parent, or collect evidence for a child custody, visitation, or support trial.  Private investigators can obtain information that a civilian cannot, and the evidence we collect is admissible in court.  Our licensed private investigators are available 24 hours a day, and accept cases of any size throughout Miami.

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International Counterintelligence Services is an international private investigation agency that employs licensees and subcontractors in every region of the world.  International Counterintelligence Services maintains offices throughout the country and works closely with subcontractors worldwide, which allows us to provide localized service to more areas of the world.  This dedication to superior local service with strong international experience is a part of the ICS Mission Statement, and helps us provide the best possible service to all our clients.

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International Counterintelligence Services of Florida

International Counterintelligence Services of Florida is owned and operated by Scott Hamilton, based out of Tampa.  Mr. Hamilton is a licensed Florida private investigator (license no. A1100189) and Certified Fraud Claims Law Specialist.  Prior to opening International Counterintelligence Services of Florida, Mr. Hamilton worked as a Deputy for 14 years with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Hamilton is personally involved with all investigations conducted by International Counterintelligence Services of Florida, so you can feel confident that your case is being handled by an experienced professional.  Contact us today to begin your free consultation for your Miami private investigation.

Private investigators in Florida are required to hold a professional license from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, via the Division of Licensing’s Bureau of License Issuance.  Licensing requirements are designed to help protect Florida residents from unprofessional or under-qualified investigators.  Mr. Hamilton and International Counterintelligence Services of Florida exceed minimum state licensing requirements, bringing clients superior investigative services.

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