Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

Celebrating 50 years providing professional private investigations worldwide!

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Origin Investigation Location Case Type
Albany, New York New York Counter-Surveillance
Albany, California California Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Albany, New York New York Child Custody and Visitation Investigations
Albany, Oregon Oregon Locate Lost People
Albany, New York New York Computer Forensics Investigation
Albany, Wisconsin Wisconsin Birth Parent Locate Investigation
Albany, New York New York Background Checks (Online Dating)
Albany, California California Loss and Theft Investigations
Albany, New York Private
Albany, New York New York Background Investigation (Pre-Marital or Pre-nuptial)

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Local Albany Private Investigation Services

ICS provides a full range of investigations services for the City of Albany and all surrounding metropolitan areas. Submit a free online private investigation consultation form, or call our toll free number to speak to a private investigator at (888) 223-6494.

A private investigator in Albany must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the investigations field. If a person meets the minimum experience requirement they may apply to the NYS Department of State and take the NY State issued exam. All investigators hired by ICS not only meet NY requirements, but also must pass our requirements and meet all of our expectations associated with the ICS name.

You can rest assured that any Albany Private Investigator assigned to your case with ICS are fully licensed and insured in accordance with Albany laws and participates in any required continuing education.

Albany Private Investigator

The State of New York has nearly 20 million residents, but crime rates are low compared to the national averages, despite the reputation of New York City. The rate for violent crimes is 3.98 per 1,000 residents, compared to 3.9 nationally. Property crimes, however, are a mere 19.12 offenses per 1,000 residents, compared to 29.1 nationally. However, the city of Albany has a notably high rate of both violent and property crimes, averaging 9.64 and 47.78 annually per 1,000 residents, respectively. Despite those rates, Albany is safer than 6% of other U.S. cities. Perhaps the most shocking statistic is the crimes committed per square mile in Albany, which is a staggering 256, compared to just 47 in the State of New York, and 39.6 nationally. With so much crime occurring in such a small area, it may be necessary for you to supplement the efforts of the local law enforcement agencies with the use of a private investigator. Commissioning private help such as ICS investigators will assure that the proper time and resources are dedicated to solving your case.

The New York State Division of Licensing Services oversees the licensing and regulation of private investigators. Applicants for licensure are required to be at least 25 years of age and a principal in the business being licensed. You must have passed a written exam within 2 years of applying, and you must have three (3) years of related experience.

How to become a Private Investigator in Albany

  1. Obtain a minimum of 3 years of investigative experience.
  2. Apply to take the private investigator exam
  3. Once you receive a passing grade, submit your certification along with your application to become an investigator.

Albany Private Investigator Restrictions

In order to conduct private investigations in Albany, all private investigators must comply with local and federal laws.

  • Impersonate Law Enforcement - Private Investigators in Albany cannot carry a badge, wear a uniform or say anything that might imply that the private investigator is a police officer or federal agent.
  • Make an Arrest - Private Investigators in Albany cannot legally make an arrest. If there is evidence that suggests an arrest should be made the investigator should contact law enforcement.
  • Wiretapping - Wiretapping is illegal without a proper warrant. Private Investigators cannot tap a phone.
  • Trespassing - Private Investigators cannot break and enter onto private property.

Albany Background Investigation

Do you need a background check in Albany? Are you in Albany but need a background investigation elsewhere? ICS can provide full background investigations that can be extremely useful for our clients. Sometimes a background investigation is all you need, while in other circumstances it is simply a small part of a much larger investigation. ICS can help create an action plan that will get you the information your looking for and determine the best course of action for getting it.

Albany Birth Parent Locate Investigation

Are you in Albany and need to find your birth parent? Many children who are given up for adoption spend many of their years with questions about their biological parents such as who they were, why did they give them up and many other emotionally difficult questions. ICS has the resources and ability to locate birth parents in Albany or anywhere else your biological parents may be living now.

Albany Child Custody and Visitation

There are numerous factors taken into consideration when the court determines the custody parent. Sometimes there are a number of negative factors about your spouse that may be difficult to prove when attempt to gain custody of your child. It's because of this that it is important to find and prove these facts that will also be admissible in a court room. ICS private investigators can get you these facts so that you can be fully prepared during your child custody court hearing.

Recent Employment Applications

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    Depew, New York, United States12/01/2017

  • Senior Investigator Case Manager;...

    Liverpool, New York, United States11/30/2017

Local Associations and Important Resources for Albany

Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

New York State requires licensing for Private Investigators, Security Guards and Agencies.

Only licensed investigators can conduct investigations in Albany New York and the surrounding areas in the state.

Website: http://www.aldonys.org/
Email: info@aldonys.org
Phone: 646-320-0143

New York licenses are only good in New York, there is no State Reciprocity.

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