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ICS provides a full range of private investigator services conducted by experienced Tuscaloosa, Alabama private investigators. ICS is a full service private investigation agency available 24 hours a day including holidays. When you need a private investigator in Tuscaloosa, turn to the professionals at ICS and begin your investigation with a free consultation online or by calling (888) 223-6494.

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Local Tuscaloosa Private Investigator

ICS provides a full range of investigations services for the City of Tuscaloosa and all surrounding metropolitan areas. Submit a free online private investigation consultation form, or call our toll free number to speak to a private investigator at (888) 223-6494.

A private investigator in Tuscaloosa does not need to be licensed in order to conduct private investigations in the area. For this reason it is important to understand who you are dealing with and what their qualifications are. You can feel confident that any Tuscaloosa Private Investigator assigned to your case with ICS will be local experienced Tuscaloosa private investigators.

Tuscaloosa Private Investigator

The State of Alabama boasts a population of 4.8 million people, and its crime rates are close to the national medians in both categories of index crimes – violent and property.  Of the 40.26 index crimes reported annually per 1,000 residents (compared to 33.0 national median), 4.20 are violent and 36.06 are property crimes.  Nationally, the median for violent crimes committed per 1,000 residents is 3.9, while property crimes have a median report rate of 29.1.  Tuscaloosa, home to the University of Alabama, accounts for nearly 92,000 of the State’s residents.  It is rated as safer than only eight (8) percent of United States cities, with 4.72 violent and 48.05 property crimes reported per 1,000 residents.  The high crime rates indicate a need for supplemental resources and manpower when it comes to investigations.  Private investigators, such as those licensed by ICS, provide the skill and experience necessary to solve your case, and they are able to dedicate significantly more time and resources to the case than are law enforcement agencies.

Tuscaloosa Private Investigator Restrictions

In order to conduct private investigations in Tuscaloosa, all private investigators must comply with local and federal laws.

  • Impersonate Law Enforcement - Private Investigators in Tuscaloosa cannot carry a badge, wear a uniform or say anything that might imply that the private investigator is a police officer or federal agent.
  • Make an Arrest - Private Investigators in Tuscaloosa cannot legally make an arrest. If there is evidence that suggests an arrest should be made the investigator should contact law enforcement.
  • Wiretapping - Wiretapping is illegal without a proper warrant. Private Investigators cannot tap a phone.
  • Trespassing - Private Investigators cannot break and enter onto private property.

Domestic Investigation in Tuscaloosa

Are you located in Tuscaloosa and need a domestic investigation conducted by a private investigator? Are you located in Tuscaloosa but need a private investigator for a domestic investigation somewhere else? ICS Tuscaloosa private investigators are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Domestic Investigations. Domestic Investigations are useful in any case regarding criminal or civil matters that may require additional evidence to support your case. To learn more about Domestic Investigations in Tuscaloosa call us and speak with a private investigator. One of our private investigators will provide you a free consultation to help you determine how one of our investigators can help you get started with your domestic investigation today.

Infidelity Investigation in Tuscaloosa

Are you located in Tuscaloosa and believe your spouse may be committing infidelity? Are you located in Tuscaloosa but believe your spouse may be committing infidelity somewhere outside of Tuscaloosa? There are many reasons as to why someone may begin to suspect infidelity in their partner but you shouldn't jump to any irrational decisions before understanding all the facts. International Counterintelligence Services has been conducting infidelity private investigations in Tuscaloosa since 1967 and have the experience, knowledge and resources to get you the evidence you need to make a justifiable decision. Don't let feelings of angry, doubt, anxiety, sadness or frustration prevent you from having piece of mind. Call today and speak with a private investigator with ICS. Our investigators will provide you a personal free consultation and help come up with an action plan that will get you the answers and truth that your looking for.

Divorce Investigation in Tuscaloosa

Are you in Tuscaloosa and are going through a divorce? Are you in Tuscaloosa and are considering getting a divorce with your spouse? Divorce is never an easy thing but it can go more smoothly if you come at it prepared. International Counterintelligence Services has been conducting divorce investigations in Tuscaloosa and elsewhere since 1967. ICS can help you differentiate assets, determine fault, build support for child custody claims, and support alimony claims. Make sure if your going to go through a divorce you have as much help and support as you can. Call us to speak with a licensed private investigator and let us help you with a free consultation and see how we can help you with your divorce investigation.

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Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

BEWARE!!! Alabama does not require a state license for Tuscaloosa Private Investigators.  It is extremely important to find an investigative company that you can trust. 

We have been around since 1967.  We have extremely professional Private Investigators working for us who have handled some very high profile cases, and we also have a respectable extensive client list.  Only a handful of Private Investigators in the nation can make those kind of statements.

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