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ICS of Colorado is an independently owned and operated licensee of ICS World, L.L.C., providing private investigations in Grand Junction and the entire state of Colorado. If you need a private investigator to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation please fill out a Private Investigator Free Consultation. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable service in Grand Junction and report their results in a timely, accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.

Private Investigator in Grand Junction

ICS of Colorado is Grand Junction’s premier private investigative agency, providing world-class investigations throughout the state.  ICS’s local Colorado office, ICS of Colorado, will assign an experienced Colorado private investigator to conduct your investigation in a timely and confidential manner.  Should your case take place outside of the United States, ICS will work with our private investigators and sub-contractors around the world to get your case solved as quickly and as affordable as possible.  Western Colorado is only one area that our private investigators can serve; we also conduct private investigations in Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Gunnison, Greeley, Westminster, Ft. Collins, Grand Junction, Pueblo, Aspen, Vail, Keystone, Steamboat Springs, and Breckenridge.  Contact ICS of Colorado today at (303) 797-6789, or contact ICS’s Toll Free 24 hour line at (800) 828-9198.

Grand Junction Private Investigators

ICS accepts most case types, and we conduct investigations across the state and around the world.  ICS of Colorado services Grand Junction, along with every metropolitan region and outlaying ski town.  ICS will keep your investigation affordable, confidential, and efficient by using local private investigators that live and work in Colorado.  Turn to ICS to find an experienced Colorado private investigator you can trust, whether you want to catch a cheating spouse or partner, collect evidence for a child custody, visitation, or support trial, locate a missing or lost person, or find a birthparent.  Contact the experienced private investigators at ICS of Colorado to find the answers you need.  If you are involved in any kind of legal proceeding, let ICS of Colorado find the evidence you need to support your case; PIs can obtain information that civilians cannot, and evidence collected by ICS is admissible in court.  Our private investigators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and accept cases of all sizes throughout the state.  Begin your free consultation today.

Grand Junction Private Investigator

In addition to the investigations we offer, ICS also provides a variety of private investigator services in Grand Junction, including background checks, finger printing, pre-employment screening, and computer and cellular forensics.  This is only a brief list of our most common case types and services; if you do not see your case type or service listed here, please visit our "Investigations We Solve" or "Services we Offer" pages for a more comprehensive listing.  Begin your investigation with a free consultation today by calling ICS of Colorado directly at (303) 797-6789, submit the online free consultation form, or call our Toll Free, 24-hour line at (800) 828-9198.

ICS-Who We Are

ICS is an international private investigation agency that employs licensees and subcontractors in every region of the world.  ICS maintains offices throughout the country and works closely with subcontractors worldwide, which allows us to provide localized service to more areas of the world.  This dedication to superior local service with strong international experience is a part of the ICS Mission Statement, and helps us provide the best possible service to all our clients.

ICS of Colorado

ICS of Colorado is owned and operated by Grant Linhart, based out of Denver.  Mr. Linhart is an experienced private investigator, and he holds a private investigator license in Colorado and California.  Prior to opening ICS of Colorado, Mr. Linhart was a California Peace Officer, and held several positions within his local California police department.  Mr. Linhart is personally involved with all investigations conducted by ICS of Colorado, so you can feel confident that an experienced professional will handle your case.

A private investigator in Grand Junction must have a private investigator's Colorado state license to operate in the state of Colorado. ICS only works with professional private investigators in Grand Junction that have a proven record of professionalism and accountability. Many Grand Junction private investigators come from a law enforcement or military background and some have a degree in Criminal Justice or other security and investigation work.

In the State of Colorado, it is against the law to provide the services of a private investigator without a Colorado Private Investigator License. You can rest assured that any Grand Junction private investigator assigned to your case with ICS is a licensed, and authorized sub-contractor with a proven record of professionalism and accountability, and abides by Colorado State Laws.

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