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Atlanta Private Investigator

Atlanta private investigators with ICS are authorized independent contractors and are qualified, licensed professionals ready to assist you with a discreet, confidential private investigation. If you need a private investigation in Atlanta, please fill out a Private Investigator Free Consultation. Our private investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable service in your area and report their results in a timely, accountable manner. Contact us today to begin your case.

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Origin Investigation Location Case Type
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Stalking and Harassment Investigations
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Elder Abuse Investigations
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Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Real Estate Fraud Investigations
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Cheating Spouse Investigation
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Locate Lost People
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Eavesdropping Detection (Bugs and Taps)
Atlanta, Georgia Colorado Other Private Investigator Case
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Stalking and Harassment Investigations
Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Other Private Investigator Case

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Atlanta Private Investigator

A private investigator in Atlanta must apply to the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies and pass licensing requirements, including a thorough background check. While many Atlanta private investigators come from a law enforcement or military background, it is not a requirement for employment as a private investigator. Often times a degree in Criminal Justice or other security and investigation work can be just as important to prospective employers.

In the State of Georgia, it is against the law to provide the services of a private investigator without a Georgia Private Investigator License. You can rest assured that any Atlanta private investigator assigned to your case with ICS is an authorized sub-contractor fully licensed and insured in accordance with Georgia State Laws and participates in the required continuing education.

Private Investigator in Atlanta

ICS provides a full range of investigations for the City of Atlanta, and has authorized sub-contractors in every major metropolitan region. Whether your case involves fraud, adultery, missing persons, child custody, extramarital affairs or infidelity, asset searches, surveillance, background checks or any of our other services, ICS has the resources and expertise to find the answers you need.

Atlanta Computer Forensics Private Investigator

Atlanta Private Investigator

ICS private investigators in Atlanta are skilled and experienced in providing computer forensics investigations in Atlanta to scientifically analyze the data held on, or retrieved from computer storage media in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in a Georgia court of law. Our Atlanta computer forensics investigators securely collect the suspect data and exam its contents based on the purpose of the investigation. Computer forensics investigators at ICS in Atlanta provide services such as: data recovery of emails, instant messages, and all types of files, virus and spyware detection and removal, email tracing, pornography detection, computer and network intrusion detection and prevention, internet history evaluation, hidden files detection, and more. Our forensic technicians are knowledgeable and available to provide these services for desktop computers, laptops, network servers, digital cameras, media cards, smart phones including the iPhone, and most other forms of media and data storage. If you need a computer forensics investigator, click now to begin a Computer Forensics Private Investigation.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) eavesdropping detection and bug sweeps are designed to detect any means of eavesdropping or electronic bugs in use at your home, office or vehicle. The TSCM professionals with ICS are highly qualified, certified and accredited. Whether your case involves suspicion of corporate espionage, stalking, intrusion into your private affairs, extortion, identity theft, or any other malicious attempt to harm you through information theft, the TSCM professionals at ICS are ready to assist you with an in-depth, comprehensive survey. A technical surveillance countermeasures sweep with ICS involves both physical and electronic inspection of the area of concern to determine if any means of eavesdropping or information theft are in use, like infrared, laser, audio recording, video recording, phone taps, GPS tracking, hidden cameras, wireless microphones, radio transmitters, cell phone interceptors, and more. If you suspect that one of these devices, or any other means of eavesdropping or information theft, have been used against you, contact ICS today to begin a TSCM eavesdropping detection and bug sweep. A technical surveillance countermeasures eavesdropping detection and bug sweep is a service offered by ICS and is not itself an investigation; ICS will work with a Atlanta private investigator to report findings and take action in the event of a discovery of illegal surveillance activities.

Atlanta Background Check

Do you need a background check performed on an individual in the City of Atlanta? Are you in Atlanta and need a background check performed elsewhere? ICS can provide this service and many others. Background checks are one of the most well known and useful investigation tools a private investigator can provide. Sometimes a background check is all a client needs and other times it is merely the first step into a more in-depth investigation, providing clues and leads for the investigator and client to pursue. If you need a Atlanta background check or an investigation involving one, the professionals at ICS are ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need. ICS has been helping people in Atlanta just like you get results since 1967.

Atlanta Background Check

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Local Associations and Important Resources for Atlanta

Official Website of the City of Atlanta

Website: https://www.atlantaga.gov/

Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators

Website: https://www.gappi.org/

Professional Investigators of Georgia

Website: https://www.pica-association.org/

The State of Georgia Official Website

Website: https://www.georgia.gov/

Georgia Department of Public Safety

Website: https://dps.georgia.gov/

Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies

Website: https://www.sos.ga.gov/plb/detective/

Georgia General Assembly

Website: https://www.legis.state.ga.us/

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Jurisdictional, Licensing, and Regulation Concerns

Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies

Georgia requires private investigation companies to be licensed. The whole licensing process goes through at the company level.
Reference Website: http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/licensing/plb/42

Contact Information:
Website: http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/licensing/plb/42
Email: http://sos.ga.gov/cgi-bin/email.asp
214 State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30334
Phone: 404.656.2881

Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators, Inc

Citation Statute:
Title 43 Chapter 38 (1-17)

Website: http://sos.georgia.gov/acrobat/PLB/laws/31_Priv_Detective_and_Security_43-38.pdf

Qualifications Requirement:
As found in Title 43, Chapter 38, and the laws governing private detectives in the State of Georgia, license requirements are as follows:

(1) The applicant is at least 18 years of age;
(2) The applicant is a citizen of the United States or a registered resident alien;
(3) The applicant is of good moral character;
(4) The applicant has not been convicted of a felony or any crime involving the illegal use, carrying, or possession of a dangerous weapon or any crime involving moral turpitude; provided, however, that, if the applicant has been convicted of such crime, or has entered a plea of nolo contendere, or has entered a plea pursuant to Article 3 of Chapter 8 of Title 42 or otherwise been granted first offender treatment, the board may inquire into the nature of the crime, the date of conviction or plea, and other underlying facts and circumstances surrounding such criminal proceedings and, in its discretion, may grant a license to such applicant;
(5) The applicant has not committed an act constituting dishonesty or fraud;
(6) The applicant has satisfied the board that his or her private detective or private security business has a competent training officer and adequate training program with a curriculum approved by the board or that adequate training will be obtained from such other source as the board may approve;
(7) The applicant for a private detective company license has had at least two years' experience as an agent registered with a licensed detective agency, or has had at least two years' experience in law enforcement, or has a four-year degree in criminal justice or a related field from an accredited university or college; and the applicant for a security company license has had at least two years' experience as a supervisor or administrator in in-house security operations or with a licensed security agency, or has had at least two years' experience in law enforcement, or has a four-year degree in criminal justice or a related field from an accredited university or college;
(8) The applicants for private detective company licenses and security company licenses may be required to pass successfully a written examination as the board may prescribe; and
(9) The applicant meets such other qualifications as the board may prescribe by rule.

Licenses in Georgia are issued only to companies. The company must have an individual, either the owner, a partner, or an officer of the corporation or LLC, who is qualified by experience or education to be the holder of the license for the company.
The experience required is two years, either in law enforcement, or as a registered private detective employed by a licensed private detective company. The education required is a four-year degree from an accredited college or university in Criminal Justice, or a related field of study

Reciprocity: Currently, the Board has Limited License Recognition Agreements with Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, California, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Testing: An exam is required to establish competency in the state of Georgia.

Fees: A PI company pays $400 in fees. $125 exam fee per employee. And either a Bond of $25,000, $1 million liability insurance policy or net worth of over $50,000.

Renewal Information: Detective Company: $300


Continuing Education: 16 hours of training a year though an approved agency.

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