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Private Investigator in Boise Idaho

Boise Private Investigator

ICS only works with professional investigators in Boise that have a proven track record. While many Boise Private Investigators come from a law enforcement or military background, it is not a requirement for employment as a PI. Often times, a degree in Criminal Justice or other security and investigation work can be just as important to prospective employers.

Private Investigator in Boise

ICS provides a full range of investigations throughout Boise, Idaho, through the use of authorized sub-contractors in every major metropolitan region. Whether your case involves fraud, adultery, missing persons, child custody, extramarital affairs or infidelity, asset searches, surveillance, background checks or any of our other services, ICS has the resources and expertise to find the answers you need. ICS provides quality private investigations in Boise, Idaho Falls, Nampa, Pocatello, Meridian, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, Post Falls, and more.

Boise, ID is located approximately 41 miles east of the Oregon border and 110 miles away from the Nevada border. Boise is Idaho's most populated city as well as the States Capital.

Boise Background Check

Do you need a background check performed on an individual in Boise? Are you in Boise and need a background check performed elsewhere? ICS can provide background checks and full background investigations in Idaho. Background checks are one of the most common and useful investigative tools ICS can provide. Sometimes a background check is all a client needs and other times it is merely the first step into a more in-depth investigation, or conducted as part of another full scale investigation, providing clues and leads for the investigator and client to pursue. If you need an Idaho background check or an investigation involving one, the professionals at ICS are ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need. ICS has been helping people in Idaho get results since 1967.

Boise Background Investigation

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