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ICS offers a full range of private investigation services throughout Boulder City, and our investigations are performed by our strategic partner, EDF. All EDF investigators are committed to providing affordable, reliable and confidential services. ICS and our partnered agents are held to the highest levels of professionalism and you can expect their findings reported in an accurate and timely fashion. Our strategic partner in Boulder City, Nevada can provide private investigation services throughout the entire state. NV License #1498.

Private Investigator in Boulder City

All private investigation services conducted in Boulder City are handled through our local office in Nevada. EDF is owned and operated by Leon Mare, Private Investigator and data forensics expert (NV P.I. Lic#1498). Private investigators in Nevada are required by law to be licensed In order to provide investigation services in Boulder City or Nevada you must pass a test administered by the Private Investigator’s Licensing Board in Nevada. Applicants who will qualify for licensure in Boulder City or Nevada will have at least 5 years of full time, paid investigative experience, or the equivalent of 10,000 hours including for time. As part of the application process, Private Investigators will be interviewed by the Nevada Highway Patrol during an in-depth background check, and must score higher than 75% on a one hour written exam.

Boulder City Private Investigator

Private Investigators in Boulder City

EDF holds their Boulder City Private Investigators to all state requirements, and aims to exceed expectations. We go above and beyond state minimums by offering a free consultation, providing clients with detailed reports throughout the investigation, and conducting accurate and affordable investigations.EDF has local private investigators available 24 hours a day in the Boulder City Service Area, so your investigation can be handled quickly or on short notice. You no longer have to choose between the value of a local investigator and the international experience of a large company, because EDF brings you both through our exclusive ICS Network. ICS employs our vast international resources and expertise to keep costs low, because you never know what path your investigation might take. EDF conducts investigations throughout the state, including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Paradise, Boulder City, Spring Valley, and Sunrise Manor.

Computer Forensic Services in Nevada

ICS operates throughout Nevada and accepts most case types. Our data forensics experts can obtain electronic files, recover lost, deleted, or damaged files, conduct pornography detection, spyware and malware sweeps, computer and cellular forensics, all of which while employing the state of the art equipment and techniques to keep you safe and free from unwelcome eavesdropping. Evidence collected by ICS and EDF is admissible in court, and the EDF forensics team is unrivaled in forensic examination and recovery of electronic data and Electronic Discovery. Call ICS to begin your free consultation today, or fill out our online consultation form to have an EDF Case Analyst contact you.

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